MyWorks Success Story: Emerson Creek Pottery

When you’re passionate about your small business, especially when you’re crafting handmade creations lovingly for your customers, it’s tempting to want to be hands-on during every step of the process. You pour your heart into your products and running your business, so handing over any crucial processes to third parties or automation can be daunting. […]

MyWorks Assists with WooCommerce Equestrian Site

When you’ve found your passion, sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to pursue every area of interest. This becomes the case, even more, when you turn that passion into a business. At MyWorks Software, we understand what it’s like to feel passionate about something. What stokes our fire is […]

MyWorks Success Story: Facility Direct

Suppose you’re looking to start a fabric and printed garment business or already own one, and you’re looking for an effective way to increase profits and give your company a competitive edge. In that case, it might be time to invest in a direct-to-garment printer. By implementing various applications, a DTG printer can produce breathtaking […]

How to Improve an Email Marketing Campaign Performance Using Videos

  Video and email go hand in hand, like ketchup and toast. Some people like it, while others are confused by the idea. However, adding a little tartness of tomato ketchup to a good mixture is always fine, but it is completely okay to understand the contradiction. Ketchup is usually paired with pizza, burger, or […]

MyWorks Success Story – Ciphers Digital Marketing, providing SEO in the Arizona area

You have a significant amount to focus on when building an eCommerce brand. You need to establish a brand identity and website that turns organic visitors into customers, prioritize scalability, streamline your workflow and record your financial processes. Here at MyWorks Software, we understand that this can all feel like a lot to take on. […]

MyWorks Success Story: Drug Test City

Looking past our innovations, customer service, functionality, and advanced software, one mission lies at the core of what MyWorks Software aims to do. We want to save you time. We want to take the processes you spend your valuable minutes on as a business owner and shorten or eliminate them. We know your time is […]

WooCommerce Development Website – MyWorks Case Study

At MyWorks, we’re passionate about helping all businesses. From family-owned stores making a move to eCommerce to multinational enterprises with warehouses worldwide, we’ve designed our software to be scalable and easy to use for organizations of any size. We love partnering with other businesses that help entrepreneurs grow with b2b services, and our software is […]

Medical eCommerce Website – WooCommerce Case Study

A significant amount of the information about eCommerce that’s available online focuses on “business to consumer” transactions. But what about if your business doesn’t deal directly with consumers? Are there automation and accounting options that can make your “business to business” (or b2b) transactions much easier and less time-consuming? The answer is yes! And one […]

Farm Brand WooCommerce Website

At MyWorks, we know it can be challenging to find robust software to handle the unique needs of your company while also being affordable enough to be a sustainable solution. MyWorks knows small businesses are the heart of eCommerce, so our integration with QuickBooks and WooCommerce is scalable to suit your needs – no matter […]

Orthopedic eCommerce Store – Bullseye Brace

When you’ve created a product that you believe could genuinely help people, it makes sense that you’d want to share it with the world as fast as you can. Especially in the healthcare and pain relief sector, MyWorks understands just how motivated you are as a business owner to make a difference in people’s lives. […]