Every business is unique because every business owner is unique. Your wants and needs as you run your business are specific and varied, and you need automation that can adapt to them to be successful. That’s what we focus on at MyWorks: being affordable, customizable, scalable, and backing that with robust user support. Dr. Michael Haley and his business associate Sylvia, of Haley Nutrition, took the time to sit down with us and tell us about their eCommerce Nutrition Store and why moving from a different solution to MyWorks sync was the right move. Check out his review of MyWorks Sync. 

Haley Nutrition was started a decade ago by Dr. Michael Haley. They’re an online business that sells aloe vera products for gut health and immune system support worldwide, but mostly in the USA. “We started small, as a little side business,” says Dr. Haley, who is a trained chiropractor. “Eventually, the WooCommerce sales increased so much I stopped taking new patients,” he says.  He and his partner Sylvia are the only two full-time employees of Haley Nutrition, with two remote, part-time members making up the rest of their team. The company ships out between 500 and 800 packages a month, all sold on a WooCommerce store and synced to QuickBooks using MyWorks.

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What makes Haley Nutrition unique is that they offer a product that nobody else does. In explaining why he stopped practicing medicine and took his side eCommerce nutrition store full time, Dr. Haley says, “There are so many chiropractors. In coming to me, you drive by 20 of them. We’re all pretty good at what we do, so no one’s gonna really miss me. But, with the products that we do carry, we have a very unique space, and we’re not replaceable.” The company sells frozen aloe vera gel, “nothing added. 100% aloe vera gel. Nothing else.” Haley Nutrition products are made to heal the delicate biome of the gut and immune system, so they can’t have interfering preservatives. Because of this, their products need to remain frozen when shipped, which is not a regular occurrence in international eCommerce shipping!

So how does MyWorks fit the specific needs of such a unique business? Initially, the team at Haley Nutrition was using different syncing software. “We used to use a different program,” Haley reflects, “and when it came up for renewal, they were a lot more expensive. They were like three times the cost.” So they started shopping around for other options and found MyWorks. “So we said ‘let’s try MyWorks,’ and we were very happy. We get excellent service from you guys, too.” If they encountered a problem, using their prior synching solution, “they had to spend hours and charge to fix things by the hour. It wasn’t as good of a fit.” With MyWorks, however, “it’s usually fixed right away.” While setting up MyWorks, Dr. Haley had a call with support and used their help to set up his store. With the previous solution, their support team took over access to their server and took a few hours creating the store independently. “It made me a bit uncomfortable,” Dr. Haley says.

Another reason MyWorks works so well for the Haley Nutrition team is that they’ve set up a good amount of extensions in their store, and now their entire business process is totally automated. “We use a lot of plugins,” Dr. Haley laughs. The plugins they use include broken link checkers, follow-up email services, contact forms, lightspeed cache, captchas, redirects, search meters, social trackers, and an affiliate program link generator. Their affiliate link generator “probably drives half” of their business.”

Now that Haley Nutrition has automated syncing with QuickBooks through MyWorks – their team has a lot more time for themselves. “When you have a website as a primary business, there’s a lot more freedom,” Haley says, “The website runs on its own. I’ve been taking some vacation time. It works.” They’ve even been able to expand their team remotely. “One of our part-time workers is out of state,” Sylvia tells us. “She logs into our computers remotely and processes our orders. We just hear the printers going.” One hurdle they encountered with their uniquely preservative-free frozen product was the complex shipping process, but they’ve been able to add a FedEx integration to their website, which they’ve linked with MyWorks to send shipping details on sales orders.

Haley Nutrition is an eCommerce nutrition store delivering something you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve tried our best to give them a service you can’t find anywhere else, too. “You guys have a wonderful product. Very affordable, that really helps streamline an online business,” says Dr. Haley during his review of MyWorks Sync. 

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Review of MyWorks Sync

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