When you’re running a WooCommerce store, we know you’re getting a lot of data sent your way. From orders to services required to customer data and accounting info, it’s easy to feel swamped by all the information your business is generating. Especially as your enterprise grows, it can be challenging to make time to get to everything. Thankfully, MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce can help you get a handle on all that output so that you have the time to enjoy the benefits of your growth – without the stress of constantly trying to get all your ducks in a row. We sat down with Leisure Installs, a service offering website, to understand how the MyWorks suite helps her manage her business’s growth.

Leisure Installs

Leisure Installs is an Arizona-based company that specializes in assembling pre-fabricated outdoor recreational equipment. Sasha and her team first started using WooCommerce to power their business in 2014, and their mission statement is simple: “you buy, we install.” The business is unique in that it works as both a service and retail space. The service aspect of their business arises through offering construction teams to customers to assemble products they’ve already bought in the comfort of their backyards. “So if you think of the gazebos, playsets, and pergolas that you see at C ostco, Sam’s Club, and Amazon,” Sasha says, “we fill that niche and take care of building those for you.” Alongside offering convenient installation services, Leisure Installs also sells playsets, basketball hoops, and trampolines for a few affiliated leisure brands. Leisure Installs works mainly on a ‘business to customer’ basis, with a few ‘business to business transactions in more public venues.

The WooCommerce workflow that Leisure Installs uses is relatively unique. Sasha defines their storefront as “kind of an interesting model.” This is because all of their services are productized. Their service offering, pricing, and turnaround time are based entirely on products that are generally sourced from outside the site. They’ve integrated website plugins to get a quote on their service offering based on the third-party product they have already purchased. “If you’re installing a product of this exact make and model, you can go on to our website and say that,” Sasha says. The company’s site is split into two sides: service offerings and retail. “Our website functions two different ways,” she says. “If you’re on the services side, you’re dealing with book-in plugins, and if you’re on the retail side, you’re dealing with store plugins.” When we asked if she had any difficulty setting this system up, she told us that “it’s intuitive on how you guys walk things through.”

Another aspect of the WooCommerce and MyWorks integration that the Leisure Installs team has found particularly useful is scalability. Having originally started as a side business, Leisure Installs became Sasha’s primary source of income in October 2019 when she left her 9-5 job. Since then, the company has seen a 200-400% turnover increase every month. They went from a $30k yearly income to turning over more than a quarter of a million dollars last year. Their growth hasn’t stopped, though! They’re on track to take in over half a million dollars this year!

Service Offering Website

“As we’ve grown, we’ve added a number of integrations,” Sasha says. The Leisure Installations site has grown with its business. Before Leisure Installations started using MyWorks to sync all of their order and customer data to QuickBooks, they ran their business through Google Calendar apps and manual correspondence. Sasha describes this process, laughing, as “bleh.”

When asked about the way MyWorks Sync has made her business easier to manage, she tells us that “everything now runs through the store.” Of her new order volume, she says that thanks to MyWorks, “I’ve got the process down. It all works. It works easily. It makes sense to me now.” When it comes to handling internal issues with orders, the system they have in place on their website directs complaints to the right website user without delay. “I know when something goes awry,” Sasha says, “what to go look at? What are all the problems? It’s one of the most critical components. If it’s not working, I need to know why.”

Leisure Installments has gone from a side-hustle to a triple-figure earning service offering website, within the space of a year. This is, in part, thanks to the ease of operations that our automatic syncing and customizable functionality has provided. Sasha says that “now we’ve just matured, and I don’t have the time to keep track of hundreds of customer’s orders and phone calls. The sync has been incredibly helpful.”

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