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Integrating your WooCommerce eCommerce store with the Xero accounting platform can provide many benefits to your business. This integration can help automate accounting processes and reduce the need for manual data entry, saving you time so you can focus on the bigger picture, such as growing your business. MyWorks users all around the world save 10 or more hours a week on average when automating their accounting with our integrations.

Automate manual processes and save time

One of the main benefits of integrating your WooCommerce store with Xero is that it can automate many of the manual accounting processes that are typically associated with running an eCommerce business. Without an integration like MyWorks to sync WooCommerce and Xero, you would need to manually enter WooCommerce orders in Xero, along with customer details, payment details, taxes, shipping, discounts, fees, and products sold. The same goes for inventory and product management, which would need to be updated manually on both platforms. MyWorks automates all of these processes and saves you time by keeping the two platforms in sync. For example, when a customer makes a purchase on your WooCommerce store, the sale will be automatically recorded in Xero, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This can save you a significant amount of time and ensure that your financial records are always up-to-date and tax ready!

Improve accounting accuracy

In addition to automating accounting processes, integrating your WooCommerce store with Xero can also help improve your accounting accuracy. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, you can reduce the time needed for accounting AND reduce the risk of human error. When manually entering WooCommerce orders in Xero, a small error can wreak havoc in your accounting, making it near impossible to correctly reconcile your accounts.

Manage inventory more easily

Another benefit of integrating your WooCommerce store with Xero is that it can make it easier to manage your inventory. With MyWorks, you can automatically sync inventory levels across both platforms. This means that when the inventory levels are adjusted either manually or automatically on either platform, MyWorks Sync will automatically update the other platform. Keeping your WooCommerce store accounting up-to-date in Xero will allow you to gain a better understanding of your business performance. MyWorks ensures that Xero has a full picture of your eCommerce store’s performance, so you can create statements and reports anytime you need. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of your business performance. Using MyWorks Sync to integrate your WooCommerce store with Xero can provide many benefits to your business. It can automate accounting processes, improve the accuracy of your financial records, provide real-time visibility into your financial data, and make it easier to manage your inventory. By taking advantage of this integration, you can save time and money all while growing your business. Learn more about MyWorks Xero Sync for WooCommerce here, and discover plans and pricing here.


MyWorks WooCommerce tools help free up time for this
passionate Canadian equestrian to develop her business.


Online Revenue

With greater accuracy in accounting and
inventory, Eaglewood Equestrian doubled
their online business year over year.


Order Volume

Automating bookkeeping and cutting
errors allowed Eaglewood Equestrian to
boost their order volume significantly.

Equestrian WooCommerce Store Integration with QuickBooks

When you’ve found your passion, sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to pursue every area of interest. This becomes the case, even more, when you turn that passion into a business.



MyWorks Software understands what it’s like to feel passionate about something. What stokes our fire is saving YOU time, so that you get to free up more hours every week to develop what matters to you. How? Well, we’ve developed the MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce integration, which allows you to automate syncing your WooCommerce store data into your QuickBooks accounting software.

This means you don’t need to manually enter your accounting data into your books to have accurate, up-to-date records at all times.


We sat down with Vicky Stoncious, passionate Canadian equestrian and owner of Eaglewood Equestrian (a WooCommerce Equestrian site), to talk about how MyWorks helped her free up time to develop her business.

“Before MyWorks, keeping track of everything was insane, it was an absolute nightmare. But now, I could focus a lot more on the website.”


About Eaglewood Equestrian's WooCommerce Store

Eaglewood Equestrian is a site that imports high-quality equestrian supplies to Canada. “We do online, we do trade shows and in-person retail,” Vicky tells us, “and we actually import from around the world, so Iceland, South Africa, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, and the USA.”


Vicky started the business six years ago because of competing for Canada in overseas equestrian events. “I compete on the Candian Equestrian team, and I was over in Europe, competing for Canada, and I had one of the suppliers ask me if I would start selling his products,” she recalls. “The first time he asked me was in 2013, which was quite a while ago, and I was a lot younger, and I had no idea what to do, so I told him no, I wouldn’t do it. And then I went home, thought about it, and two years later he asked me again and I decided was ready to take it on and start it, so I started with one product line from there.” When Vicky discovered she loved selling equestrian products, she “started asking for more and more and more, and then it really snowballed.”

Managing a Large WooCommerce Product Catalogue

“I have probably over 30 000 product variations,” Vicky informs us, “and I add lots of new products weekly! I have a list of suppliers, and I go on and choose new products.” When asked what makes Eaglewood Equestrian’s site different, she told us that “I don’t do the run-of-the-mill stuff, I like to offer my customers the sorts of stuff you can’t find at another store. Sometimes, if I was in Europe and I saw something really cool, I’d contact the company and ask if I could sell their product. I’m pretty much carrying nearly everything in the horse industry.” We were fascinated by the enormous product catalog and had to know how
Vicky set up the online store. “For one year, we did only in-person sales because I hired someone to build the website, but they did nothing and stole my money,” she explains, “then, I hired a friend of a friend, and the same thing happened again. Finally, I just learned and I built basically the whole thing myself. I do everything on the website myself.”

Impressed at how she managed to pull that off, we ask when she started integrating WooCommerce extensions. “We started directly with WooCommerce but I actually did all my accounting with Excel spreadsheets, and January this year I transitioned over to QuickBooks.” When you think about the product catalog size, we aren’t surprised that the transition from manual spreadsheets was “rough for the first two months, but now it’s pretty much under control.”

“Now that I’ve integrated QuickBooks and MyWorks, I have so much more time to work on other stuff that’s not accounting”


How Vicky Discovered MyWorks Sync

As for discovering MyWorks, Vicky had to go through a competitor’s integration first. “Basically, when I started with QuickBooks, I knew I would need an integration, and I started with a different product, she recalls. “It was the free version of a product that QuickBooks had on their product list, and I couldn’t get it to work. The customer service was horrible.” Thankfully, she discovered the MyWorks integration soon after, “and the customer service is like, amazing, so I’m quite happy with it. I’ve been using MyWorks since January.”

“My accounting was a disaster with a spreadsheet,” Vicky explains. “I have a lot of spreadsheets, and they’re really big.” Plus, running Eaglewood Equestrian isn’t the only job she has. “I run this business, but I actually have another full-time job. I am a financial analyst for the school board, so my hours are crazy,” Vicky tells us. “Now that I’ve integrated QuickBooks and MyWorks, I have so much more time to work on other stuff that’s not accounting,” she tells us. “Now I don’t have to take a week to prepare for year-end accounting, or for month end, because I sell all across Canada, so I have to submit to all the different tax platforms,” Vicky explains. “Before MyWorks, keeping track of everything was insane, it was an absolute nightmare. But now, I could focus a lot more on the website – even doing my social media.”

Because of MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce, Vicky from Eaglewood Equestrian “can do her month end in probably an hour or an hour and a half now, compared to a week.” She’s passionate about what she does, telling us that “It takes a lot of hard work to keep up with a WooCommerce Equestrian site, but I really don’t see this as work. I have no problem staying up late, working on it, doing this and that.” MyWorks has allowed her hours of extra weekly freedom to pursue that passion. Do you want those hours to pursue your passion? Watch our demo today to learn more about the MyWorks eCommerce and accounting integrations!



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