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WHMCS QuickBooks Online Sync – We’re adjusting our pricing

WHMCS QuickBooks Online Sync – We’re adjusting our pricing

At MyWorks Design, our #1 focus is providing our software clients with the best integrations and support in the market. Over the past 5 years, we think we’ve done a fantastic job – with 75+ version releases, and the most popular QuickBooks Sync module in the WHMCS market, by far.


More than 2 years ago, we launched our WHMCS QuickBooks Online Sync module – with the goal of providing WHMCS users a reliable & intuitive solution for syncing their WHMCS system with QuickBooks Online – and saving hundreds of hours of manual entry time.


We don’t take adjustments to our pricing lightly, but we want to continue improving our module by adding further optimization, additional features like improved enterprise-level functionality, improved logging/error display, smarter mapping handling and more – to deliver a stronger overall product & better experience to you. We also want to ensure we can continue our responsive and robust technical support & improve our product knowledge base.


In order to accomplish this, we are introducing pricing updates that more accurately represent the value our users receive from our sync module. Our price adjustment is nominal and continues to reflect our mission of making QuickBooks Online sync a time saving tool for every WHMCS user…big or small.


Here’s our new pricing model, taking effect August 15, 2017.

Monthly License: $14.99 / month (includes support & updates)
Yearly License: $169.99 / year (includes support & updates)


To break this down into syncing volume – even though our module has unlimited sync; if you only have 50 invoices a month – our module would real time sync over the client, invoice, and payment for all 50 of these invoices: a total of 150 sync transactions – not including any additional data you have manually pushed over. It would require around 5+ hours to manually enter all of this data – but our sync would automatically complete it all in the background – continuing to deliver value to you by saving both money and time – that you can dedicate to your clients!


Although we’re adjusting pricing across the board for future clients, we’re only adjusting pricing for existing clients who hold our monthly and yearly licenses – taking place on August 15, 2017. The next renewal invoice you receive after that date will reflect the new pricing schedule. If you have a payment method on file with us, it will be automatically charged.


We greatly value your business, and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional products and support for your business! Your feedback is always appreciated, and if you have any questions about this update, you can contact us at

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