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Effortless Inventory Management and Order Routing!

Easily manage inventory for products/variations per location AND automatically route your orders to the right location!

Our integration allows you to manage stock in different locations and automate your inventory management. Automatically route orders with built-in geolocation and preset routing priorities like available stock levels, closest location, and more!

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Extensive Features

  • Manage multiple warehouses/locations right in WooCommerce
  • Easily set product/variation inventory by location
  • Flexible order routing priorities/logic
  • Automatic built-in geo-location routing
  • Transparent stock logging
  • Allow users to choose preferred location in checkout
  • Show inventory per-location in product pages
  • Easily manage order location assignment in order admin
  • Compatible with 3rd party integrations / import+export tools

Designed for WooCommerce


Install our extension in your WooCommerce admin, and schedule our included setup call!

Configure Your Settings

Configure your warehouses and set your order routing priorities, inventory management settings and more!

Sit Back & Relax

Your order routing is now automated and can be sent to 3rd party integrations!

Starting at $200/location/yr. Schedule a demo to learn more and discuss tailored pricing!

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