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Effortless Inventory Management and Order Routing!

Easily manage inventory for products/variations per location AND automatically route your orders to the right location!

Our integration allows you to manage stock in different locations and automate your inventory management. Automatically route orders with built-in geolocation and preset routing priorities like available stock levels, closest location, and more!

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Native WooCommerce Inventory Management

With our deep WooCommerce integration, you can easily manage your product & variation inventory for each location right within the WooCommerce product page. Easily import/export inventory per location with any CSV export tool!


Intelligent Geo-Location Proximity Order Routing

Automatically route your orders to the closest warehouse to the shipping address, or with flexible rules like highest inventory level, or any available regional warehouse. With our built-in geolocation, all location assignment is a breeze!


Automatic Location-Specific Shipping Calculations in Checkout

It's not enough that an order is routed to the right location, if the shipping price charged in checkout isn't accurate! With our built-in compatibility with popular WooCommerce Shipping gateways, the calculated shipping prices will always be correct - based on the location the order will be routed to!


Easily Display Regional Inventory Levels On Product Pages

Need to assign locations to specific regions for easy inventory management? Not a problem! With our intelligent geolocations, any visitors to your product page will be shown available inventory only from within locations assigned to the region they're visiting from. Now you'll never oversell again!


Automatic Split Order Routing to Multiple Locations Per Order

With our easy inventory routing rules, we can automatically assign specific products in an order to different locations - if a specific location is out of stock. This way, you can ensure you're selling as efficiently as possible, while not losing orders if one location is out of stock!


Easy Integration with WooCommerce API & 3rd Party Platforms

We don't believe a multi-location inventory solution is complete unless it is compatible with 3rd party platforms. That's why we're already compatible with the WooCommerce REST API for products and orders, as well as import/export plugins and 3rd party integrations like Kosmos eSync and our native QuickBooks Sync!

Between $200-$500 per location/yr.

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