MyWorks: The best alternative to A2X

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Unmatched depth of customization

Only MyWorks can automate your ecommerce accounting while giving you full control over how your data syncs.

“Works great, user-friendly, great support staff. This has saved me countless hours migrating our extensive catalog to Quickbooks. Myworks requires very minimal setup to get things going and is very user-friendly. No other sync compares!”

Jack R.
Small Business Owner
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MyWorks Sync vs A2X

MyWorks Sync A2X
Syncs individual sales transactions as well as products, inventory & pricing
Syncs daily financial summaries from your business transactions
Deep integration with QuickBooks so you can manage accounting without ever leaving the Shopify dashboard
Separate app which opens outside of Shopify and QuickBooks
Allows for granular control over settings including how and when you sync data points
Provides predefined mapping of accounts and transactions
Bases pricing on your order volume and business needs
Bases pricing on your order volume and sales channels
Best for ecommerce stores looking to grow
Best for large enterprises with dedicated accountants and multiple sales channels

See why thousand of online stores choose MyWorks


A quick look at A2X vs MyWorks Sync

Features A2X
Sync data from Shopify to accounting
Managed from the backend of your ecommerce store
Real-time data sync
Flexible product mapping
Inventory tracking and management
Unlimited historical sync from the lowest paid tier
Option to integrate with WooCommerce
Free plan
Starting price for paid plans
$19 per month
$19 per month
Customer support
Email, phone, and chat
Email, phone, and chat
Only with MyWorks you can:
Sync data per transaction

Keep track of every detail and make the most of all QuickBooks features. MyWorks syncs products, orders and customers on the individual transaction level, which gives you access to granular data in QuickBooks.

Sync individual transactions
Map your products

Never miss a sale due to stock discrepancies. MyWorks allows you to map individual products so that your inventory and pricing details are always up-to-date across platforms.

Map your products
Manage accounting right inside your store

Get real-time financial oversight without switching back and forth between tools.

Manage your accounting sync in Shopify

Rated 4.7 by hundreds of happy customers

Loved for our support

Customers rave about MyWorks’ beyond responsive support. That’s because we care about providing next-level service to see you through onboarding, setup, and every challenge ahead.

“Amazing company with a lifesaving product! No QuickBooks seat is required and the customer service is spectacular. It's hard to make QuickBooks simple, but they still do their best and solve problems fast!”

Stephanie B.
Small Business Owner

“WOW, what a blessing this has been. We no longer have to spend hours recreating every sale, all sales sync within a few minutes. I wish I had known about MyWorks earlier.”

QuickBooks user

“The only downside we have discovered after 9 months of use is how high our expectations have become when asking for support from other software companies. MyWorks has become the standard of support and for that, we are extremely grateful!”

Jeriel B.
Ecommerce Business Owner

See how much time you could save with MyWorks

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Join thousands of businesses using MyWorks

Ecommerce stores save days of unnecessary administrative tasks each month using our advanced sync features. Are you ready to automate your bookkeeping and drive growth?


Do you have any questions? We have answers!

What are MyWorks and A2X used for?

MyWorks and A2X are integration apps that allow business owners to transfer data between their ecommerce sites and their bookkeeping platform. Using such integrations saves time and manual effort for ecommerce businesses.

What are the main differences between MyWorks and A2X?

The main difference between MyWorks and A2X is that we automatically sync each sales transaction with QuickBooks within minutes as well as products, inventory, and prices. By comparison, A2X syncs daily summaries of your transactions to your books. While MyWorks is a native app managed in your Shopify dashboard, A2X requires you to use a separate platform.

Is it easy to switch from A2X to MyWorks?

You can switch from A2X in a matter of hours. To cancel your A2X subscription, simply go to your subscription page and end your plan. You can arrange to set up your MyWorks account and transfer data before you cancel for a smooth transition.