MyWorks Sync offers the most customizable integration to sync your data the way you want it to sync. Our deep integration with WooCommerce and Shopify enables MyWorks to offer features and sync performance that no other tool can provide.

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OneSaas (Intuit) Webgility
Sync full and partial refunds
Flexible mapping, including by custom product fields
Support for QuickBooks Desktop/ POS
Sync all orders to one QuickBooks customer
Deep integration with WooCommerce/Shopify, managed directly inside eCommerce admin
Compatibility with 25+ popular WooCommerce extensions & Shopify Apps
Custom field mapping support
Quick automap by name or SKU
Sync transaction fees
Bank Deposit / Batching Support
Show QuickBooks transactions in ecommerce customer account area
Advanced sync customization settings
Sync payments from QuickBooks Online to WooCommerce / Shopify
Sync shipping data: tracking number, ship date, shipping method
Also sync orders as Estimates or Purchase Orders
Sync orders to different customers based on role, order channel, payment method, and more
Two way inventory & product sync
Included setup call/screenshare, and ongoing expert support
Sync intervals to QuickBooks
Flexible - 5 min to 6 hrs
1 hour
1 hour

Why MyWorks

Deep integration with WooCommerce & Shopify: embedded in admin area

MyWorks is managed directly within the WooCommerce and Shopify admin area with a deep integration into orders and product areas to feel like a seamless part of your store.

This direct connection with QuickBooks means no third parties get access to your data.


Compatibility with WooCommerce extensions & Shopify apps

We have special compatibility with extra extensions and apps that we have built into our core sync and is included at no cost for users on all our plans.

Display QuickBooks history in customer storefront account

MyWorks Sync lets you display QuickBooks Online invoices in the WooCommerce or Shopify customer areas in your storefront.

If you create an invoice for a customer in QuickBooks Online, the customer can then view the invoice from within their client account in WooCommerce or Shopify. That means that they can log in on your website and view the invoice that you created in QuickBooks. They may then also click to pay through QuickBooks!

Custom Field Syncing

MyWorks supports syncing custom fields in ecommerce orders to QuickBooks. Our flexible sync options give you the ability to select the QuickBooks field destination for any custom field in WooCommerce or Shopify.

Flexible mapping

MyWorks gives you full control over mapping your WooCommerce/Shopify and QuickBooks data. We only provide an auto-mapping feature to save time by auto-mapping products with the same name or SKU.

You can change the mappings at any time, and names/SKUs don’t have to match if you opt for manual mapping.

Quick Automap by Name or SKU

MyWorks provides an auto-mapping feature to save time by easily auto-mapping products with the same name or SKU – or by custom field!

Sync Transaction Fees

MyWorks Sync can sync transaction fees to QuickBooks in multiple flexible ways. This means you won’t have to manually account for those fees! We also let you assign an expense account or vendor for the transaction fees, with different settings for each payment processor.

Sync Refunds

With full support for syncing partial or complete refunds, MyWorks makes it simple to correctly record refunds/returns in QuickBooks in accurate detail.

Batch Support

Intelligent support for easily matching the deposits you receive from your credit card processor.

Advanced sync customization settings

MyWorks provides extensive settings to customize the sync between WooCommerce/Shopify and QuickBooks. We provide advanced sync settings in every category, so you can completely customize the sync to fit your workflows.

Sync payments from Quickbooks Online to WooCommerce or Shopify

MyWorks Sync for QuickBooks Online offers the option to sync payment updates from QuickBooks to WooCommerce or Shopify. So, if you receive a payment in QuickBooks, you can automatically sync the payment and update WooCommerce or Shopify.

Sync ship date, tracking number & shipping provider

MyWorks can sync the tracking number, ship date & shipping platform to QuickBooks!

Option to sync as Estimates to Quickbooks Online

Aside from invoices and sales receipts, you can also sync estimates to QuickBooks Online.

When syncing to QuickBooks Desktop, you can also opt for Sales Orders.

Support for QuickBooks Desktop / POS

MyWorks Sync supports connections to QuickBooks Desktop and Point of Sale.

Sync all orders to one QuickBooks customer

If you would prefer to sync all orders to one QuickBooks customer instead of individual customers, you can! MyWorks Sync lets you select the customer to sync orders to, and also lets you exclude certain customer roles in order to sync a segment of customers orders to an individual customer.

This feature is great for distinguishing between wholesale and retail customers, for example.

Sync Purchase Orders

MyWorks syncs purchase orders to QuickBooks from WooCommerce or Shopify, allowing you to easily keep these updated in QuickBooks.

Sync to different customer based on payment method used /user role

MyWorks lets you sync orders to different QuickBooks customers based on the payment method they used to pay or the user/customer type assigned to them in WooCommerce or Shopify

Near real-time syncing

MyWorks lets you select how often we’re syncing new data – as often as every 5 minutes!

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