Designed for beginners and advanced users alike – with full control over customizing how your data syncs!


custom mapping

full 2 way sync

Advanced settings

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Fully control how and when order data is synced to Xero – with customizable settings and flexible mappings. 

Sync orders to separate customers in Xero with control over how existing customers are identified – or to a single customer in Xero. Or, control differently by WooCommerce role!

Allow WooCommerce customers to view the invoices in their Xero account within their WooCommerce account area for easy billing management.

Easily control how order information syncs to Xero – like order data, discounts, shipping, taxes and more!

Choose how order numbers are handled – either matching the WooCommerce order number, honoring a custom WooCommerce order number, or maintaining the number sequence in Xero.

Easily map WooCommerce order custom fields to fields in the Xero order to bring relevant data into Xero for easy reporting.

Customizable sync control

Sync product data both directions between WooCommerce and Xero to make inventory and pricing management a breeze!

While new data will be automatically synced, the Push and Pull pages in MyWorks make it easy to sync historical data to bring your platforms up to date.

Keep a hands-off approach, as we automatically keep data in sync in the background, ensuring WooCommerce and Xero stay up to date in real time!

Easily control how and when data is synced – based on order status, or customized to your workflow!

Embedded within WooCommerce, MyWorks supports additional compatibility with popular WooCommerce extensions, ensuring you don’t have to change your workflows.

Use WooCommerce and Xero even better together with sync statuses in WooCommerce orders and products!


Easily configure how MyWorks handles each payment gateway in your WooCommerce store – with advanced support for syncing payments and handling orders based on the payment gateway used in WooCommerce.

Automatically sync payments to Xero to match the deposit received from your card processor.

Flexible control around how order details sync based on the WooCommerce gateway used – including refunds, terms, due date, payment status, and more!

Robust support for syncing transaction fees, full & partial refunds, and more!

Full support for multiple currencies and tax rates, to ensure accurate order details in Xero.

Flexible Mapping Support

Our powerful mapping makes it easy to map data together between WooCommerce and Xero – whether manually chosen for each customer/product – or automapped for data that has a matching name, SKU or more between WooCommerce and Xero!

With full support for variations, bundles, composite products and more, orders can sync perfectly into Xero even with advanced product setups!

Complete control over how customer details are used to create new customers in Xero, and handled separately based on WooCommerce role.

Choose how to identify existing customers as orders are synced – with flexible options using name, company name, email address and more!

g2 award winning integration

MyWorks Sync is a leading integration winning 10 awards on G2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they sure will, and when you create a product in Woocommerce, it will real-time sync to Xero. Then if you edit the product or its inventory in Xero – it will real-time sync back to WooComerce and Vice Versa.

Absolutely. Our WooCommerce sync has simple settings that allow you to turn real-time sync with Xero on or off, as well as turn real-time sync on or off for particular data types.

We give you full control over mapping (linking) your WooCommerce and Xero data – with automapping built in to assist you. You can change the mappings at any time, and data doesn’t have to match – your product doesn’t need to be named exactly the same in both systems, for example.

In addition, you will only have to map data that exists in both systems. As our software syncs across new data, like products or customers – it will automatically map it!

If they have the same order number in Xero, MyWorks Sync will find them, and can easily update them!

Our sync is compatible with all versions of Xero (and regional taxes / currencies), including in the United Sates, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – and any country where Xero is compatible.

Yes, our sync fully supports simple products, variations, bundles and composite products in WooCommerce!

You can easily mark an invoice as paid either in WooCommerce or Xero and it will sync to the other platform. Easily sync some orders as paid, and others as open/unpaid.

Not at all! You can choose what past WooCommerce orders you want to sync to Xero; Either one by one, set a time period, or order history from when to sync. MyWorks will automatically sync only new data for you.

Absolutely! MyWorks can sync products, inventory levels, pricing, and payments from Xero to WooCommerce! See our support for specific data by Xero platform.

There is! MyWorks shows a live sync status badge right next to your WooCommerce orders and products, so it’s easily to tell at a glance what is synced.