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Frequently asked questions


Will products created in WooCommerce show up with their SKU and inventory synced to QuickBooks?

Yes, they sure will, and when you create a product in Woocommerce, it will real-time sync to QuickBooks . Then if you edit the product or its inventory in QuickBooks – it will real-time sync back to WooComerce and Vice Versa.

I don't want to sync my data in real-time. Can I do it manually?

Absolutely. Our WooCommerce sync has simple settings that allow you to turn real-time sync with QuickBooks on or off, as well as turn real-time sync on or off for particular data types.

We give you full control over mapping (linking) your WooCommerce and QuickBooks data – with automapping built in to assist you. You can change the mappings at any time, and data doesn’t have to match – your product doesn’t need to be named exactly the same in both systems, for example.

In addition, you will only have to map data that exists in both systems. As our software syncs across new data, like products or customers – it will automatically map it!

If I have some orders already entered into QuickBooks will they be duplicated?

If they have the same order number in QuickBooks, MyWorks Sync will find them, and can easily update them!

What countries does MyWorks support?

Our sync is compatible with all versions of QuickBooks (and regional taxes / currencies), including in the United Sates, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India – and any country where QuickBooks is compatible. The full list of countries that QuickBooks supports may be found here.

How do you integrate with WordPress/WooCommerce?

MyWorks is managed within WordPress and has a deep integration with WooCommerce to feel like a seamless part of your store.

This direct connection between WooCommerce & QuickBooks means no third parties get access to your data.

Are you compatible with WooCommerce extensions?

We have special compatibility that we have built into our core sync and is included at no cost for users on all our plans. You can access this in your sync at MyWorks Sync > Compatibility, as shown below.

Read more about comptibility and our full list of 3rd party extension support here.

Can I sync QuickBooks invoices to WooCommerce?

MyWorks Sync lets you display QuickBooks Online invoices in the WooCommerce client area.

If you create an invoice for a customer in QuickBooks Online, the customer can then view the invoice from within their client account in WooCommerce. That means that they can log in on your website and view the invoice that you created in QuickBooks. They may then also click to pay through QuickBooks!

Can I sync custom fields?

MyWorks supports syncing custom fields between WooCommerce and QuickBooks. Our flexible sync options give you the ability to select the QuickBooks field destination for any custom field in WooCommerce.

How does mapping work?

MyWorks gives you full control over mapping your WooCommerce and QuickBooks data. We only provide an auto-mapping feature to save time by auto-mapping products with the same name or SKU.

You can change the mappings at any time, and names/SKUs don’t have to match if you opt for manual mapping.

Can I automap my data?

MyWorks provides an auto-mapping feature to save time by auto-mapping products with the same name or SKU.

Can MyWorks sync transaction fees?

MyWorks Sync can sync transaction fees to QuickBooks (if recorded in the WooCommerce order). This means you won’t have to manually account for those fees! We also let you assign an expense account or vendor for the transaction fees, with different settings for each payment processor.

Can MyWorks sync refunds?

Yes! MyWorks gives you the option to sync refunds to QuickBooks when the refunds are processed through WooCommerce.

My payment processor batches deposits. How do you handle that?

MyWorks has full support for payment processor batching. Simply configure your payment sync settings to match the interval and cutoff time your payment processor uses, and we will sync the data correctly. MyWorks will record your individual payments in a holding account, or “undeposited funds” account, and then deposit the lump sum in your bank account after the batch cut off time.

Syncing & Sync Control

Does MyWorks support product variations or bundles?

Yes, our sync fully supports simple products, variations, bundles and composite products in WooCommerce!

Sometimes I receive payments in cash or in person. How can I handle that?

You can easily mark an invoice as paid either in WooCommerce or QuickBooks and it will sync to the other platform. Easily sync some orders as paid, and others as open/unpaid.

I don't want to sync all of my past data over to QuickBooks, do I have to?

Not at all! You can choose what past WooCommerce orders you want to sync to QuickBooks; Either one by one, set a time period, or order history from when to sync. MyWorks will automatically sync only new data for you.

Can I sync data from QuickBooks into WooCommerce?

Absolutely! MyWorks can sync products, inventory levels, pricing, and payments from QuickBooks to WooCommerce! See our support for specific data by QuickBooks platform.

Is there a way to know what data has been synced?

There is! MyWorks shows a live sync status badge right next to your WooCommerce orders and products, so it’s easily to tell at a glance what is synced.

My accounting needs are complex. Can you handle them?

MyWorks provides extensive settings to customize the sync between WooCommerce and QuickBooks. The image below is just one section from within our order sync settings. We provide advanced sync settings in every category, so you can completely customize the sync to fit your workflows.

Can you sync payments from QuickBooks to WooCommerce?

MyWorks Sync for QuickBooks Online offers the option to sync payment updates from QuickBooks to WooCommerce. So, if you receive a payment in QuickBooks, you can automatically sync the payment and update WooCommerce.

Can I sync an order's tracking number?

If you use a shipment tracking extension for WooCommerce, MyWorks can sync the tracking number to QuickBooks!

Can I sync orders to QuickBooks as estimates?

Aside from invoices and sales receipts, you can also sync estimates to QuickBooks Online.

When syncing to QuickBooks Desktop, you can also opt for Sales Orders.

Does MyWorks support QuickBooks Desktop and POS version?

MyWorks Sync supports connections to QuickBooks Desktop and Point of Sale.

I don't want to sync all WooCommerce customers to QuickBooks. Is that okay?

If you would prefer to sync all orders to one QuickBooks customer instead of individual customers, you can! MyWorks Sync lets you select the customer to sync orders to, and also lets you exclude certain customer roles in order to sync a segment of customers orders to an individual customer.

This feature is great for distinguishing between wholesale and retail customers.

MyWorks syncs inventory changes in both directions, sales/orders are not required.

Can I create customer sync rules?

MyWorks lets you sync orders to different QuickBooks customers based on the payment method they used to pay or the user/customer type assigned to them in WooCommerce. 

How often does MyWorks sync data?

MyWorks for QuickBooks Online lets you select your sync interval – every 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

MyWorks for QuickBooks Desktop and POS can sync at any interval you would like.

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