From Solo Effort to International Success:
How MyWorks Helped Full Pour Scale

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Full Pour is an independent, print-first magazine offering progressive takes on a variety of beverages.

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Thanks to MyWorks, founder and one-woman-team Lauren Buzzeo could:

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Full Pour

What was the challenge?

Full Pour

“I started by manually inputting all my bookkeeping and orders. I didn’t really get that far before realizing I’m not going to do that. I’m only one person. I need to find something that will do it for me.”

After 16 years of working as an executive editor, Lauren Buzzeo was ready for something new. She dreamed of starting her own magazine that would offer equal opportunities to contributors and drive positive change.

But Buzzeo was working solo. How was she supposed to stay on top of paperwork without straying from her goals or going into overtime?

How Buzzeo found her answer

Full Pour

“I couldn’t even tell you how much time I think I’m saving because I couldn’t wrap my head around trying to manually input all this data in QuickBooks. I don’t even know how to quantify it. It’s a substantial and ridiculous amount of time and energy that I just don’t need to worry about.

As an independent and self-funded business owner, I wear all the hats, all the time. Now there’s one less big thing on my plate.”

After researching syncing options, Buzzeo swiftly decided on MyWorks. Immediately, she felt that our sync was an exact match to her needs. Buzzeo was impressed by our quick and intuitive implementation process. She synced and organized all her data across the different platforms in virtually no time.

And here’s the kicker: even though our team is always available to help, Buzzeo set up MyWorks without a single call or message to our customer support team. Our resources and self-service options made the implementation process so straightforward that it wasn’t necessary to contact us.

Full Pour

“We set it up and everything just magically worked which is very rare with these sorts of things. Right from the start, we had everything working harmoniously across the website on WooCommerce and the back end of QuickBooks for bookkeeping.”



What happened next

As Full Pour sales increased exponentially, Buzzeo focussed on expanding her business. Now she has readers across North America and delivers internationally. 

Buzzeo hasn’t wavered from her mission once throughout her first year in print. She continues to impress by supporting a range of non-profit organizations and sticking to sustainable and non-toxic printing methods.

Using the MyWorks sync has helped the founder maintain her focus on Full Pour. Our platform seamlessly integrates her order and sales data with QuickBooks, meaning there’s no need for manual data entry. Buzzeo devotes that extra time to growing her readership and enhancing her magazine’s content instead.

Now, with MyWorks in place, the bookkeeper’s role has simplified to cross-checking the books at year-end, thanks to the comprehensive data flow between MyWorks and QuickBooks.

Scale with Myworks no matter your size

Full Pour shows us what can happen when you leverage the right technology. In just one year, Buzzeo took an idea and turned it into a thriving global business.

MyWorks supports growth whether you’re a one-person show or an established global enterprise. You can set up our software and integrate it into your workflow without interfering with your daily operations. Then you can let our powerful, highly configurable automation tools handle data syncs and mapping while you concentrate on expanding your ecommerce business.

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