8 Years and Going Strong: How MyWorks Supports the Evolving Needs of Earth’s Treasury


Earth’s Treasury is an ecommerce business specializing in ethically sourced and precision-cut gemstones and custom jewelry. 

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Since partnering with MyWorks in 2016, Earth’s Treasury has been able to:

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Accurately sync their complex and ever-expanding inventory

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Automate accounting and eliminate the need for a full-time bookkeeper

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 Maintain tax compliance across multiple US states

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What Hapeman set out to do

Jeff Hapeman has been fascinated with minerals since he was a young child. After selling his previous business, he seized the chance to create Earth’s Treasury and start cutting his own gemstones.

The challenge was managing the inventory. How could Hapeman track a complex and ever-changing set of unique products?

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“It’s not like we have 500 items and just keep restocking them. We have thousands and each one is new. Once they’re sold, they’re gone and there will just be another one. So, what we really needed was to have all that information on sales and products synced very cleanly over to QuickBooks.”

Why he turned to MyWorks

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“From MyWorks’ perspective, everything is cleanly flowing over—every payment, every refund, every order, every new customer. And now even tax information as we build a presence in multiple states.”

As an experienced IT consultant, Hapeman knew he needed an ecommerce accounting sync for Earth’s Treasury. However, his first choice couldn’t handle the complexity of his store. His team was still left with a lot of manual work.

That’s when MyWorks came out. Hapeman tried our sync and instantly noticed a difference in his accounting workflow. 

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“We don’t have to spend much time on MyWorks, which is kind of the beauty of it all. Everything is very cleanly synchronized. I have a bookkeeper who spends a couple of hours on everything. I’d probably have to spend a lot more money on a full-time bookkeeper if I didn’t have everything so cleanly going over that they only have to deal with batch processing of the credit card payments.”

What’s changed since those early days?

Eight years is a long time. Since Hapeman first partnered with MyWorks, his inventory has grown into the thousands. Naturally, his current system has also required several updates.

Hapeman found he could easily adapt MyWorks to his changing business needs. Our highly configurable solution let him add and customize fields as Earth’s Treasury grew.

When faced with more challenging or unique issues, he could turn to the MyWorks support team. Our personalized service helped him overcome bumps in his workflow so he could focus on growth.

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“As our website got to be more than a decade old, we ran into some issues in the database related to an upgrade. The MyWorks team was incredibly responsive. In fact, they even gave us a custom version of the platform with a little fix that gave us a good workaround for a refund problem.”

Partner with MyWorks for long-term growth

As Earth’s Treasury proves, you never know where your business will take you in eight years. You need an ecommerce accounting solution you can count on scaling with you.

MyWorks stands out as a trusted integration that can support your store every step of the way. Our robust automation tools save you time and resources that you can reinvest back into your business. With our highly configurable sync, you can keep adjusting the settings around your changing workflow for years to come.


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