MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for Woocommerce

Suppose you’re looking to start a fabric and printed garment business or already own one, and you’re looking for an effective way to increase profits and give your company a competitive edge. In that case, it might be time to invest in a direct-to-garment printer. By implementing various applications, a DTG printer can produce breathtaking imagery of high quality on just about any piece of apparel. Unlike traditional textile printing, which can only be applied to a limited range of products, DTG printing can work on many fabrics like leather, cotton, wool, and more.MyWorks sat down with Paul from Facility Direct. This company helps small businesses run and maintain DTG printers to find out how MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce keeps Facility Direct’s operation running smoothly.

Facility direct

“We are a reseller of direct-to-garment printers. So, primarily, people use them for printing T-shirts. But you can do all sorts of different things like hats and sweatshirts, any kind of garment you can put onto a flat table to be printed. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people start up their businesses,” Paul explains.

The business runs an eCommerce store selling ink and supplies for direct-to-garment printers. Paul estimates an average of 150 transactions monthly, which is especially impressive considering his target audience. He explains that “my customers are small businesses. We sell almost exclusively to sole proprietors and LLC kind of places. Almost always selling to the business owner, and a large percentage of them are first-time business owners.”

To sync the various transactional processes that occur with customized orders, Facility Direct has had to use unique software integrations. Paul, at first, had his reservations. He explains: “In my marketing director role, I had been through several integration projects, and I know that they can turn into tens of thousands of dollars and months and months of banging your head against the wall. So, not wanting that, I needed a plug-and-play kinda scenario and I was pretty surprised by how painless it was with MyWorks. It was pretty much sign up and plug and play for the most part. So, that was a blessing,” he laughs.

Paul stumbled across MyWorks in a casual Google search. “I believe it was just looking at the integrations available, how many downloads they were, the reviews, and doing some Google searches of the best QuickBooks integrations and things like that. A few different sources but plenty of positive reviews, and the process seemed rather simple.”

These customer reviews were critical to Paul because, as he explains, “I have been sold a number of times that it is going to be simple. And that is usually not true. It’s rarely easy and cheap. But in this case, with MyWorks, it was.”

Since Facility Direct requires the shipping of heavy products, there has been a necessity for a multi-carrier shipping software integration to handle that process of work. “We use Goshippo. It’s a pretty good tool for us. One of the challenges we have is trying to make the algorithm work properly for getting good pricing on the shipping, based on the weight, type of substance it is carrying, and distance.”

Facility Direct often helps small business owners take the very first step in getting their operation off the ground, which Paul takes particular pride in. “That was one of the things we wanted to make sure we did differently. To really have a personal touch, to be very responsive, so that our customers could trust that if they have a problem, we were going to meet it head-on,” he explains. “It may not always be the answers that they want but we’re going to answer though. So, to do that consistently, and we’ve definitely in the two years since our inception developed that piece of our brand, where people can trust our word.”

The company hasn’t been around for long, but Facility Direct is already pulling off impressive numbers. Paul explains that they’ve invested in their online visibility to attract clients. He states that “we get our customers mostly through search engines. We’re relatively less known compared to the bigger players out there. But it is a very small community so, through Facebook and search engines, we’re able to at least be a consideration when people are buying these products.”

With our eCommerce and accounting integrations, we feel a kindred spirit with Paul and the team at Facility Direct. We also want to support small businesses and make it easier for them to run efficiently and easily by automating their data entry with an easy-to-use interface. If you think your business could benefit from smooth, convenient accounting automation, be sure to watch our demo to learn more about how MyWorks Software can help you.