About Safe 'n' Clear's WooCommerce Website

A significant amount of the information about eCommerce that’s available online focuses on “business to consumer” transactions. But what about if your business doesn’t deal directly with consumers? Are there automation and accounting options that can make your “business to business” (or b2b) transactions much easier and less time-consuming? The answer is yes! And one of those solutions is MyWorks Sync, which integrates WooCommerce and QuickBooks. We sat down with Nancy from Safe ‘n’ Clear, a transparent mask distributor, to talk about how MyWorks helps automate her b2b business’ accounting.

About Safe ‘n’ Clear’s WooCommerce Website

Safe 'n' clearSafe ‘n’ Clear manufactures surgical-grade face masks that feature a fog-resistant clear window in them so that the wearer’s mouth is visible. Dr. McIntosh, the founder and owner of Safe ‘n’ Clear, “was deaf from the age of four,” says Nancy. When Dr. McIntosh went in for a C-section procedure with her first child, she noticed that she could not communicate with her doctor or nurses, as she couldn’t see their mouths to lip read. Realizing the necessity of facilitating deaf and hard of hearing people in situations where face coverings are required, she developed and patented the “Communicator” mask, through which those with impaired hearing could still lip-read. Upon FDA approval in 2017, the Safe ‘n’ Clear mask was ready for commercialization. At the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, when face coverings were suddenly required in all public spaces, the need for these masks became even more significant. Safe ‘n’ Clear was previously operating entirely from an Amazon storefront. “When COVID hit,” Nancy tells us, “they couldn’t keep up with the demand, so they had to close the Amazon store.” In stepped Nancy, who developed a new eCommerce website for the team and “chose MyWorks as the tool for this company.”

“MyWorks is a tool that we absolutely love,” says Nancy. “I love integrations, and I love seeing how things work.” Safe ‘n’ Clear may sell consumer products, but they’re not a typical b2c company, which presents its own challenges. “Our system is not your typical eCommerce system,” Nancy explains. “What makes it different is that with us, our business is b2b with a consumer product.” She further elaborates that “on their WooCommerce store, you can go on and pay with a credit card like you normally would with a sale. However, we also use corporate purchase orders because we deal with big hospital systems, educational institutions, and big corporations. That’s another payment gateway.” In setting up MyWorks, Nancy discovered that the software “totally accommodated that payment portal and allowed us to go in and accept that as a payment.” Another aspect of MyWorks that the Safe ‘n’ Clear team has found instrumental is that MyWorks can add net 30 and net 60 values to large corporate purchase orders. “Because it’s net 30 days, we can go in and see ‘ah, the invoice isn’t due now, it’s due 30 days from now.’” Nancy goes on to explain that “now when the invoices are synced into QuickBooks, we can tell they’re not due right away when they’re shipped, and we’re able to calculate what’s net 30 from the date of shipping.”

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Safe ‘n’ Clear’s WooCommerce to QuickBooks Integration

When we asked her about her day-to-day experience with MyWorks, Nancy tells us that “MyWorks has been an exceptional tool” for them. “Because we’re not a typical eCommerce system with our purchase order gateway, it was so accommodating,” she says. “I am so impressed with the forethought that not every payment is gonna be through a Stripe credit card or through PayPal.” She also had a positive experience with MyWorks Support, letting us know that “the support team went above and beyond. It’s not just your product; it’s your people.” When we asked Nancy why she chose MyWorks, she says that she “did the research, and just by far MyWorks did everything we needed it to do.” The time that MyWorks saves the Safe ‘n’ Clear team has allowed them to pursue some novel marketing initiatives. “We’ve started an affiliate program where we reach out to different organizations that help the deaf community,” Nancy says, “and we offer them a coupon code, where their followers get a discount, and they get a percentage of the proceeds.”

“As a web developer,” Nancy tells us, “with all the tools I have experienced, MyWorks by far exceeds expectations.” And Nancy is just one of the thousands of satisfied MyWorks users who have had the hassle taken out of their accounting by integrating their WooCommerce store with QuickBooks. If you’re a b2b business or have a complex payment system, we would love to see how we could help you. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about how we can help automate your accounting!