MyWorks Success Story: Admore Lighting

Here at MyWorks, one thing that motivates us is helping people grow their bright ideas into automated businesses where they can use their time wisely. We know that running a business means juggling countless responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities, such as accounting, might be incredibly time-consuming. Our MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce is a solution designed to automate WooCommerce store owner’s accounting, so they can concentrate on doing what they love. We sat down with David Bartell of Admore Lighting, an entrepreneur and MyWorks user who grew his business from a hobby into a worldwide LED Lighting Brand for WooCommerce, to learn more about how he uses MyWorks Sync.


David Bartell is the founder and owner of Admore Lighting Incorporated, a motorcycle safety lighting manufacturer. Starting his career as a banker, he bought his first motorbike in the ’90s. At that point, he recognized “there was an opportunity for additional lighting on a motorcycle” and “had that idea percolating in [his] head” for over ten years. On a trip to Las Vegas in 2006, Bartell saw the LED lighting of the dazzling main strip, and thought “oh! There’s an opportunity here!” Admore Lighting started up as a small eBay store and then moved to OpenCart as it grew. As of 2015, Admore switched over to WooCommerce for WordPress, and the team hasn’t looked back since. “I have a fair amount of experience with software,” Bartell says, “and it’s a pretty impressive piece of software.”


LED Lighting Brand for WooCommerce


The QuickBooks integration through MyWorks Sync has saved the team at Admore Lighting a significant amount of time. “The integration and communication between QuickBooks and MyWorks is pretty impressive,” says Bartell. The proof of that is in the amount of time the company saves when capturing data from sales and initiating shipping processes. They have used QuickBooks for more than a decade, but were manually entering all of their sales data into their accounting software. Laughing, Bartell remembers the process less than fondly. “It was painful entering data manually,” he jokes. Previously, the accounting team at Admore Lighting “used to spend 6 to 10 hours a month on QuickBooks, manually entering sales.” However, since they’ve switched over to MyWorks software, this manual data entry process has been eliminated. “For the sales part, we don’t have to worry about anything in QuickBooks. That’s because, thanks to MyWorks, that all goes into QuickBooks fairly automatically,” he says. When asked about what time benefit MyWorks has had for Admore Lighting’s operation, he replies that “it’s been a significant improvement for us.”


Another MyWorks Sync feature that has the Admore Lighting team “really impressed” is how much data MyWorks is able to gather automatically from each order. When it comes to worldwide shipping, the company has two options: customer standard and express. Before using MyWorks for WooCommerce, their dispatch team would have to manually check sales orders one by one to allocate shipping instructions. Now, these instructions are automatically added to the package invoices and into bookkeeping software. Similarly, MyWorks Sync allows the Admore Lighting team to track and record the discounts they’re given to individual customers.“We see the discount involved. We can see what type of discount: was it a points discount? Was it friends and family discount?” MyWorks automated data entry has also allowed the company to build a more detailed and meticulous customer database. Whereas before, the bookkeeping team would only enter minimal information about the customers to save time, all customer details are now automatically stored on a detailed database thanks to MyWorks Sync. Bartell says, “it’s pretty cool the way everything gets captured. Even the customer address gets captured, and our bookkeeper wasn’t entering that because it was too much work. Now we’re getting a lot of information, which is great.”


MyWorks Sync


As David Bartell takes this LED Lighting Brand for WooCommerce from strength to strength and helps more motorcyclists stay safe on the road, MyWorks’ QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce is there to grow with them.


We can do the same for you! Our scalable plans and dedicated customer success team will adapt and assist as your business does. We’re committed to automating your business processes and saving you time so that you can continue to grow your business. Try MyWorks today, and free up the extra hours you need to take your business to the next level!