MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for Woocommerce

You have a significant amount to focus on when building an eCommerce brand. You need to establish a brand identity and website that turns organic visitors into customers, prioritize scalability, streamline your workflow and record your financial processes. Here at MyWorks Software, we understand that this can all feel like a lot to take on. That’s why we’ve developed MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for Woocommerce. It automates the data entry process between your WooCommerce store and your QuickBooks accounting software. This way, nobody in your organization has to spend hours every day poring over columns of figures to make sure your bookkeeping stays up to date. We sat with Mike, the owner and CEO of Ciphers Digital Marketing, an Arizona-based web development, SEO, and digital marketing company, to talk about how MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce helps him grow his business.


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“I was a freelancer for 13 years,” Mike tells us when we asked him how Ciphers Digital Marketing came to exist. “I worked for really big corporations, like $500 million a year. I’d come in under a specialization. For example, I’d work on Google organic traffic.” Mike’s work would succeed so much that he “would come in, and just end up being the digital marketing director for the entire company. All remote, while never meeting the people who worked there” By utilizing his impressive SEO skills as a freelancer, Mike would show these companies what he could do and “get the jobs through acquisitions.” When the COVID-19 pandemic rolled around, Mike decided to use the changing business climate to catapult his own business. “I’m tired of being the web guy,” he explains, “I wanna build my brand.”


So, Mike decided to start his own venture in the form of Ciphers Digital Marketing. “The bread and butter of Ciphers is organic Search Engine Optimization,” he explains. “Companies get impatient and don’t really understand what it means to build a brand online, so they’ll just roll the money into advertising and paid content,” Mike tells us. Ciphers Digital Marketing offers web development services that provide organic, turnkey SEO solutions to keep brands organically visible. Their websites are attractive and efficient for consumers to use. “I like to build an ‘SEO-soaked wordpress website,’” Mike elaborates, “I’ll get in there and do it all, so they can edit their own website. It’s turnkey SEO, so it will still get residual leads and have some organic power.” Ciphers Digital Marketing found rapid success and is growing fast. “I’ve got about 5 people working for me,” he tells us. “I started scaling and getting high-paying jobs. I am getting at least two, three leads a day. We’re launched and completely functional.” His customers love Ciphers Digital Marketing’s work, too! “I have clients who trust me so much they pay and don’t say anything because they know I’m getting work done!” Mike laughs.


Mike and the Ciphers Digital Marketing team use MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce in two significant ways. The first of these is for the accounting processes of their own business, as they’re frequently taking in new, high-paying clients with fast turnovers. “I usually have my policies in place, that start with building the site, then going onto a retainer every month,” Mike says when we enquire about his billing system. “I’m still trying to work out the finer details of how to get paid when to get paid, and all that,” he expands, “but my MyWorks setup is fully synced and successful.” As for the setup process, he says, “I don’t think I had anything other than a couple hours ’til up and running. It’s not like these other companies where I’m waiting 3 days to hear from them about one setting. You guys responded right away, so I gave them a login, and they said, ‘that’s what it is, it’s fixed.’”


In his second application of our integration, Mike found the MyWorks process so intuitive on his own site that he started integrating it into his website builds for his customers. “I definitely use MyWorks for all the other eCommerce stuff I do,” he tells us. “I’m doing three different types of businesses. Like retail, wholesale and contractor,” Mike expands, and “I sync everything on the wholesale side.” In fact, one of Ciphers Digital Marketing’s most prominent clients is an eCommerce store with a tremendous number of available products. “They’re constantly adding products,” Mike tells us, “They’re already up to 300.” Using MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce, Mike was able to build this client a website that syncs seamlessly with their accounting software. “I had a problem with the inventory, and I wasn’t thinking, and then MyWorks came to the rescue!” he explains. “I didn’t think MyWorks could handle my issue, but it did! I tried a different plugin and then I realized ‘well hey, I could just use MyWorks and then they can go into QuickBooks and manage the stock.’” Mike’s experience with our support team was efficient and effective, too. “I don’t have time for lengthy support processes,” he explains, “I’ve got 50 other plugins and 30 other industries and I don’t wanna read a paragraph right now. You’re one of my favorite softwares, and it’s because of the support.”


“MyWorks is probably my favorite software out of everything that I use so far, at this point,” Mike explains. And we understand why. When you’re involved in running your own business alongside helping your customers run theirs, there’s no time for manual data entry or a lack of integration flexibility. As Ciphers Digital Marketing scales rapidly, MyWorks grows with them and their clients. Mike tells us that our integration is “the best solution out there that I know of.”


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