Drug Test City

Looking past our innovations, customer service, functionality, and advanced software, one mission lies at the core of what MyWorks Software aims to do. We want to save you time. We want to take the processes you spend your valuable minutes on as a business owner and shorten or eliminate them. We know your time is precious to you, and we’re committed to giving you the freedom you deserve to explore it. We spoke to Adam, the owner of the eCommerce store, Drug Test City, about how MyWorks freed up his time so that he could afford to work on his store for only “about 30 minutes” a day.


Client case study - Quickbooks and WooCommerce sync


Adam originally got the idea of selling drug tests online through his previous place of work. “I worked for a medical supply company,” he tells us, “and we were selling diabetic supplies, and I kind of just saw a need for it.” Adam saw a niche and decided it was his time to take the opportunity to live his dream of being financially independent. “People were offering us a lot of money just to buy drug tests off of us, so I started selling them,” he explains. “I’ve been doing this for about two or three years.” The business started small and grew exponentially, with Adam having built the eCommerce website himself. “I’ve always been able to build successful websites, but with having a product, the success translates to money now,” he tells us. Initially, Adam kept a small amount of inventory to ship to consumers. However, as the business expanded, he changed to a dropshipping method. “Now I’m dropshipping,” he laughs, “there’s no need to worry about inventory at all.” Drug Test City took off with such success that Adam quit his job in medical supplies and moved over to being his own boss entirely. “I’m full-time with my business now,” he tells us, “and I only work between 20 minutes to an hour a day.”


“It took what was a 3 hour a day business,” Adam explains, “and now I do it in about 30 minutes.” He attributes part of this success to integrating MyWorks Software into his accounting processes. “Basically, we use WooCommerce on WordPress. WordPress has all of my products on it, and sales come through there,” he tells us. “When orders come in, through my website, MyWorks automatically syncs up with QuickBooks, all the data gets put in; the customer information, the sales information. MyWorks adjusts pricing, so if there’s a sale or a coupon code, it puts the correct pricing into my QuickBooks records,” Adam elaborates. On top of eliminating the need for manual data entry for Drug Test City, MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce makes other aspects of running the business more manageable, too. “It allows me to add products really easily, too,” Adam explains. “I can add my products on the website, then push them through MyWorks to QuickBooks.”


When initially searching for an integration that would automate his processes and save him time, Adam found MyWorks Software through a simple search. “I found MyWorks by searching for an application that would integrate QuickBooks with WooCommerce, and that was the highest rated one,” he says. Integrating MyWorks has been a seamless process for Drug Test City. “The way search engine optimization works, it really helps to add as much data as you can to product listings,” Adam tells us. “You have to put a lot more time into your pages and the listings you make, so it’s really nice to be able to push that information from one platform to another automatically.” As for the MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce setup process, Adam tells us it “wasn’t very hard at all.” He’s also been pleased with the integration’s continuous usefulness. “Comparatively to other WordPress extensions, MyWorks really hasn’t had any problems at all,” he explains enthusiastically. “It’s a really good product, I think – It’s not hard to use, there’s a lot of flexibility with it. It’s intuitive so it does what I want it to do, when I want it done.”


“I have a 4 year old kid, and it’s good to be able to spend time with him when he’s young,” says Adam. Drug Test City uses MyWorks Sync to free up that time. “It’s real important that I have WooCommerce, because it’s a great platform for sales. Quickbooks is great too, because it handles the accounting. But, MyWorks is a really essential part to the formula I use to automate everything.”


If you, like Adam, want to free up more time to live your life to the fullest while running a successful eCommerce business, look no further than MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce. Watch or schedule a live demo today to find out more!