MyWorks Success Story: Emerson Creek Pottery

When you’re passionate about your small business, especially when you’re crafting handmade creations lovingly for your customers, it’s tempting to want to be hands-on during every step of the process. You pour your heart into your products and running your business, so handing over any crucial processes to third parties or automation can be daunting. At MyWorks Software, we understand this. We also understand that you just don’t have time to keep doing manual data entry between your WooCommerce Store and QuickBooks accounting software as your business grows. That’s why our team takes a one-on-one, personal approach to help you integrate our MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce integration into your processes. We’re here to help you trust the program that automates your data sync between your storefront software and your accounting records. One business we did this for is Emerson Creek Pottery. We sat down with William and Selena, their team members, to find out about their experience with the MyWorks integration.


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Emerson Creek Pottery has been in business since 1977. “We started out small scale, doing in studio pottery, and since then, we’ve just gradually grown up,” William explains. Specializing in ceramics, including their beloved signature line, Field of Iris, this pottery has grown in size and output over the last 50 years but maintained the same ethos. “We make a full range of ceramics for your whole house,” Selena explains, “home goods, bakeware, dinnerware and kitchen accessories.” She tells us that “we make everything in Virginia, in the United States, because it’s always been that way,” and that “everything is hand-painted.” William elaborates that “it’s always been a goal making art in the ceramics field. We wanted to make stuff that’s functional and looks good, and people can use it every day. All the stuff that you want to make your life easy, but it’s beautiful too.”

“Even though we’ve moved away from the studio side of it, it’s still very much a hands-on process,” Selena tells us. “Everything that comes out of our facility goes through everyone that works here, at least once.” William further elaborates that their “bestselling products are mugs and usable items, but we have a pretty well-rounded inventory, so our WooCommerce site is geared towards retail.” The company originally started doing eCommerce with QuickBooks in the early 2000’s, “with a full HTML eCommerce site.” Selena tells us that “at some point along the road, we switched to a WordPress site. We’ve been using QuickBooks for a long time.” The company was originally using a different syncing automation “for a very long time to do our order transfers into QuickBooks.” However, their pricing became a factor of concern. The competitor “had a huge price increase. We started looking around to see if there were any alternatives, and you guys kept coming up everywhere,” William explains. “We found that your pricing was actually cheaper than what we had been paying before the price increase,” he laughs, “ and to be honest, now that we’ve made the switch, you guys offer much much better software.”

“There are a lot more features in MyWorks than in the previous software, ” Selena tells us. “It’s definitely appreciated having all the control right in the WordPress dashboard,” William further elaborates. “Having everything integrated into WooCommerce, where we can immediately see an order or if anything is pending, is really appreciated.” When we asked what they liked the most about MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce, they told us that they’re big fans of “being able to go in quickly and make changes” and speedy order processing. They also spoke highly of their experience with the MyWorks support team. “We only reached out during our initial setup,” William explains, “but having support was a really great experience, good job. It went real quick.”  They haven’t reached out to support since, however, as “it’s very user-friendly to troubleshoot this software for yourself before reaching out for support.”

“We use a lot of visual plugins and a lot of different WooCommerce integrations to show product selections. We also have extensions for shipping and coupons,” Selena explains. However, MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce stands out as an integration they’re keen to hang on to.


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