Fusion Marketing

There are two very significant components to running an eCommerce store. The first one is the structure and ease of use of the store itself. The second component is marketing the store, getting it out in front of people, and drawing them into the shopping experience you have created. At the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic, many small businesses were forced to move to eCommerce platforms to survive. This meant a significant change in operations from being primarily a brick-and-mortar establishment. Companies worldwide have used MyWorks to help them make that transition and have had to rethink their marketing strategy entirely. We sat down with John Hoffman from Fusion Marketing to see how his agency used MyWorks to help facilitate both parts of this transition from physical stores to online ones.


“Fusion Marketing is a small, bespoke agency,” Hoffmann tells us. “We are about ten years old.” The team takes a hands-on approach with their clients. Hoffmann explains that the agency is “very hand-holding for their clients, and works on providing them with very intimate, long term solutions.” The Fusion team is big on client loyalty, and most of their customers have been with them “between five and seven years or more.” An ample opportunity for their small agency arose during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the national lockdowns, local governments in the USA began to issue grants to assist small businesses so that the SMME economy did not collapse. “After COVID had happened, we got roped into doing a lot of grant work for the local government,” explains Hoffmann. “We were hauled in by one of the counties to help future-proof the small businesses in the area.”


The Fusion Marketing team took up the task of using their skills to help local businesses establish an online presence. “We did dozens of these small businesses and helped them get online,” Hoffmann elaborates. “For whatever they needed, whether it be web development, service-based industries, marketing, retail, etc.” For a few of these businesses, Hoffmann and his team were tasked to set up eCommerce stores. These were “primarily for brick-and-mortar retail stores.” Upon realizing that these stores would require an inventory system that could track in-store purchases and online purchases in real-time to balance inventory, Hoffmann began to look for a solution. “The hurdle for this was going to be inventory management,” he reflects. “I used to have a brick-and-mortar retail store myself. This was before the internet, and online shopping were really a thing. Even then, I knew how difficult it was to manage an inventory database.” Adding the extra dimension of eCommerce to balancing inventory presented a potential obstacle. “One of the big issues people encounter is if you sell something online, and you go to pull it off the shelf and lo-and-behold it’s not there,” Hoffmann says.“That’s a whole new pain point that has to be resolved.”


“I took a look at a lot of different products and a lot of different solutions,” Hoffmann explains. He settled with MyWorks, however, because of his experience with our support team. “I ended up moving forward with MyWorks because I reached out to support initially through the chatbox, and I was amazed that a human came back and was very personable,” Hoffman laughs. “I asked her to give me a call because I had some unique situations that needed to be addressed that would have taken a ridiculous amount of time to address through text.” After his positive call experience, Hoffman decided that MyWorks was “the company [he was] going to go forward with.” MyWorks sync with QuickBooks and WooCommerce allows two-way communications between your accounting software and eCommerce store, syncing as frequently as every 5 minutes. This means that your physical inventory and eCommerce inventory will consistently update one another and reflect immediately, so you never sell the same item twice by accident. The Fusion Marketing team is currently using our software to create functional eCommerce setups for small businesses in need.


“If you find something that works and it’s a good solution, you have no problem personally endorsing it,” says Hoffmann. And he, as well as the rest of the team at Fusion Marketing, endorse MyWorks wholeheartedly. If you have a brick-and-mortar store running alongside an eCommerce store, or you’re just looking for a way to automate your accounting process, don’t hesitate to contact MyWorks for a demo. Our team of experts is available to speak to you one on one to see how MyWorks Sync can help you!