MyWorks Success Story: Mirror Doors Direct

MyWorks Success Story: Mirror Doors Direct


The MyWorks Team understands just how much the modern working environment has changed, and as the global economic climate shifts, it’s becoming increasingly common to have more than one source of income. We appreciate the hard workers, the part-timers, the side-hustlers, and the extra-business-owners. We also know, though, that running a “part-time” business can take up a considerable amount of your time. That’s why our MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce (also available for Xero integrations) aims to automate all the repetitive manual data entry processes while providing accurate accounting and order fulfillment data. We sat down with Sophie, the owner of Mirror Doors Direct, to talk about how she balances her business with her full-time job and how MyWorks Sync has made her schedule manageable.


Mirror Doors Direct was founded in 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland. They act as a liaison for ordering and distributing interior mirrored doors in mainland United Kingdom. They’re responsible for managing orders, taking payments, and sending sales orders on to mirror manufacturers. This means they’re in the unique position of managing B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) transactions. For Sophie and the rest of the Mirror Doors Direct management team, running the company is a part-time job that they do in addition to their full-time employment. This means that the time they can spend corresponding with customers and manufacturers is limited – and thus precious! Orders began to pile up, and without much time on her hands, Sophie knew she needed a solution to automate how they handle orders. “It would get a bit stressy because you knew it had to be done,” she says. Because of this need for greater efficiency, Sophie and her team automated their order and fulfillment process using MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce.


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When we asked Sophie why she chose MyWorks, she says because “MyWorks had the best reviews.” She connected the sync to her site and integrated QuickBooks and WooCommerce within a few days. Initially, she didn’t opt for a setup call, saying, “I was a bit scared of doing it because I’m not very technical myself, but I managed to connect to QuickBooks myself.” After trying a few options, she got hold of our support team to guide her through the process. “I have to say,” she laughs, “the support was really, really good.” She excitedly told us that she “got it running rather quickly, and it’s now completely automated. It’s revolutionized the whole thing!”


Before using MyWorks, Mirror Doors Direct was already using QuickBooks. When orders came in, team members had to manually correspond with manufacturers and customers while trying to manage their full-time jobs. “I needed something,” Sophie says, “because once an order came in, I then manually had to put it into QuickBooks.” The Mirror Doors Direct team was spending up to six hours a week handling and processing orders. “Trying to do it around a full-time job, it was the last bit that I couldn’t automate,” she says.


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With MyWorks, however, their process is streamlined and hassle-free. Potential customers can go to their website, input their desired measurements and number of doors, and that information will get processed by MyWorks once in WooCommerce. This processed order then gets emailed straight to the factory where the doors are manufactured, without any input needed from Sophie and her team. WooCommerce and QuickBooks sync seamlessly through MyWorks to eliminate extra work, so Sophie only has to do two hours of work on Mirror Doors Direct order handling per week. Throughout 2020, Mirror Doors Direct has almost doubled its order volume! “If I didn’t have all that automation, I don’t think we could have coped,” says Sophie.

When we asked Sophie what tips she’d give to business owners considering WooCommerce, or even integrating WooCommerce and QuickBooks through MyWorks Sync, she has two recommendations. If your site includes complicated customization processes, it might be best to hire a developer. For some of the more challenging aspects of their ordering process, they hired a developer, who Sophie made sure to let us know “was brilliant.” Secondly, if you’re interested in using MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce, but have trouble justifying the cost, try reaching out to the MyWorks team to create a custom package. The Mirror Doors Direct team handles about 30 orders a month and has a custom plan that allows MyWorks to support her in a way that fits in her budget.


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Are you working full-time but still want to manage your side business efficiently? Do you want to look into starting a website to monetize a hobby? Is your WooCommerce store a full-time business, but you’d like a little bit more time for yourself? If the answer is yes, why not look into taking the route Sophie and the Mirror Doors Direct team did to automate your accounting with MyWorks? Don’t hesitate to schedule a demo call with us today to help you manage your business, free up your time, and automate your processes!