About The Business and WooCommerce Website

At MyWorks, we know it can be challenging to find robust software to handle the unique needs of your company while also being affordable enough to be a sustainable solution. MyWorks knows small businesses are the heart of eCommerce, so our integration with QuickBooks and WooCommerce is scalable to suit your needs – no matter how big or small. It’s intuitive enough for beginners while being advanced and customizable enough to meet even the most complex needs and large stores. We sat down with Tanya from Parion Farm and Table to talk about how MyWorks helps her automate her business’ accounting.


About The Business and WooCommerce Website


Parion Farm and Table

Tanya works for one company that runs two lines of business. The first area of the business is in custom nutrition planning for livestock feed. “We do a lot of livestock feed direct-to-farm or picking it up and bringing it from mills to farms,” Tanya tells us. Because the bulk feed department only handles in-person orders, they don’t need any WooCommerce integration. “We also have the retail store,” Tanya tells us, “which is the farm and table store, where we try to bring in products from local retailers and companies in Canada and make them available to buy.” Their retail store partners with several local farms and producers, including “TCF, Shaw’s Ice Cream, Norfolk Packers Meats, Stemmler’s meats, Norwich Packer’s, and local artisan cheesemakers.” Before the pandemic, the Store’s website was “a basic website that had a few products on it, didn’t have pricing, and you couldn’t order on it. It was kind of blog-style, more filled with information about what they do.” When everything started moving online, Tanya tells us, the team at Parion Farm and Table “felt like it was definitely time to up their online presence.” Tanya tells us that “it’s been going really well.” Parion Farm and Table is unique in that they don’t offer shipping, but rather a ‘click and collect’ model in which local customers can order what they want, have it picked for them, and come and fetch their parcel when it’s ready.


“Our website developer recommended WooCommerce,” Tanya explains, “because it works really well with WordPress. It was the natural choice for us.” She tells us that “there were some learning curves and growing pains as they got into it, but now that everybody’s trained in utilizing the software, things seem to be going really well.” Parion Farm and Table processes payments using Paypal, and one feature they find incredibly useful about PayPal is the “hold payment” feature. “Sometimes, we may have an item that’s low on stock. If somebody ordered it online and somebody else just walked in and bought it at the same time, it might not actually be there,” Tanya says. “With the PayPal system, we can have that opportunity to adjust the order and contact the customer without having to issue refunds or adjust our accounting process.”


Integration Between WooCommerce and QuickBooks


WooCommerce and QuickBooks

When it came to choosing bookkeeping syncing software, Parion Farm and Table “needed something that was going to be a seamless integration with the software they already use.” Tanya elaborates that “the number one decision making factor when we were looking into syncing software was that we wanted something that was going to work with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.” So, the team chose MyWorks: “We needed something that wasn’t going to take a lot of manual effort to get it up and running, and MyWorks already had that taken care of,” says Tanya.


When we asked how the MyWorks setup process went, Tanya told us that “it is really just a plug-and-play solution. Everything works.”


Another crucial consideration for a small business when choosing synching software is the cost involved. With MyWorks, Tanya says, “you don’t have to pay astronomical numbers to some company to tend to different parts of your website. Once you have a good grasp of navigating your way through WordPress and adding applications like MyWorks, it’s really easy for someone to manage internally. You can do everything yourself.” The Parion Farm and Table team appreciates the fact that with MyWorks, WooCommerce, and QuickBooks, “you’re getting all the functionality and tools that you need, without having to pay big money for some of these other software packages. It’s nice to have a solution that is small-business friendly.” Going further, Tanya explains that “you can keep your money in your pocket by buying something that’s really plug-and-play and easy to learn and use. All of the moving parts work flawlessly together.”


Parion Farm and Table is one of the thousands of small businesses currently using MyWorks to automate their WooCommerce and QuickBooks accounting. With MyWorks, WooCommerce, and QuickBooks working together, “you don’t need much more.” Schedule a demo call with us to learn more about how MyWorks can automate your accounting.