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There is no denying that 2020 and 2021 have been difficult in many ways, especially for businesses. Unfortunately, as an entrepreneur, the circumstances around you aren’t always easy to pivot. Understanding how your market is changing is essential. Our team here at MyWorks is aware that systems and requirements are always in flux, so we’ve crafted our integration in such a way that we can continue to support businesses as they grow and evolve. We sat with Jon Hodge, the senior technical support and sales connection from Roxton Industries, to understand how their team of online disinfecting supplies, has handled a whole new “normal” with the help of MyWorks.

Started in 2011, Roxton Industries is a Canadian company with a commitment to keeping people safe. On a business-to-business basis, Roxton Industries dispenses the materials people can use to disinfect their premises. They supply disinfectant solutions, disinfecting wipes, and a line of disinfecting foggers. “Though it’s not their primary offering, they can also help people with disinfection services,” says Hodge. In 2019, Roxton Industries turned over most of its profit as a fitness-disinfecting business. Those spaces existed and thrived.

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Before this pandemic, Roxton Industries was a thriving fitness-space-based b2b business, but they’ve pivoted, and it’s working. After the pandemic, those fitness spaces were forced to close, and Roxton had a whole new market in bringing disinfection to a larger audience.

It could be easy to see your target market and work-space legislatively shut down and say “no more.” But the team at Roxton Industries didn’t. They decided to take their health-based business and change their marketing and eCommerce models. They pivoted to something that worked well somewhere new. When we asked him about how his current model works, Jon said: “Pre-pandemic, we were doing lots of fitness facilities, now we do pretty much everything under the sun.”

Of the gym spaces their business used to cater to, Jon says, “they, unfortunately, no longer have the budget for those types of disinfecting technologies, but we’ve certainly grown.” And that reflects in their customer base! Their marketing strategy, which was previously aimed at fitness businesses, is almost entirely changed. “We’re doing print, we’re doing out-of-home advertising on some billboards and busses, and then we’re also getting into industry magazines, working with different organizations.” Roxton Industries is even encountering the legislative sector! “There are many industry-specific regulations when you get into dental and debt,” Hodge says, “A lot dictates what businesses can buy. We’re partnering with those organizations.” Roxton Industries’ newfound order volume meant that they needed to alter their eCommerce solution, specifically accounting, to keep up.

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So how does Roxton Industries power their growing business?

In May 2021, Roxton Industries switched over from Shopify to WooCommerce and signed up for MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce. “WooCommerce is basically the central hub for our customers and us,’ says Hodge. “As our business grows, the more orders we get, the more important that information becomes.” MyWorks syncs their WooCommerce information with their accounting software “ to make it flow better and be more user-friendly.” And the automation is working well for the team at Roxton. “The system is very robust. It’s easy to navigate and tailor to our needs. It hasn’t had any issues,” Hodge says.

Since everything changed with the pandemic, the Roxton Industries system “grew to do a bit of everything.” Every aspect of an established business model needed to shift in this space, and MyWorks allowed that transition to happen near-seamlessly. An entire target audience for an eCommerce, marketing, and expected customer profile needed to be adjusted, and MyWorks Sync took a lot of the stress out of that shift. Choosing to use MyWorks Sync to integrate WooCommerce and QuickBooks meant choosing scalability and flexibility – and for Roxton Industries, that was a game-changer.

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