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How Math Canada syncs WooCommerce and QuickBooks Math Canada is a company based in Vancouver, Canada. They sell math educational supplies through their WooCommerce store, and use MyWorks Sync to automate their data sync to QuickBooks. We recently sat down with them to learn a little more about how they use MyWorks and ask them our favorite and most important question: how many hours a week do you save by using MyWorks Sync?

About Math Canada

Math Canada is a family-owned business that sells education equipment for educators who focus on homeschooling and tutoring their students. Inspired by their founder’s personal struggle both learning and teaching mathematics, they sought to create materials that make math as fun as it can be. They primarily sell K-12 math education products that enable instructors to teach hands-on. Math Canada’s workbooks include concrete lessons and exercises that aid in teaching math, and they provide material for students to become successful. Those materials include DVDs, hard copies of textbooks and workbooks, Digital material, etc. On top of selling math products, Math Canada has also started to sell spelling and grammar material. Owner, Jacki Knight, has been in the business of homeschooling children for 30 years now!

About the company’s use of WooCommerce and QuickBooks

A shift towards homeschooling brought on by COVID-19 has increased the demand for homeschooling materials, which has consequently increased the demand for Math Canada’s products. This exponential boom, while great, put a strain on the business as it required an exponential increase in manual labor to enter every WooCommerce order in QuickBooks to keep accurate accounting – and reporting.

The family-owned powerhouse was not able to keep up with all their sales and able to input all their orders into their accounting system every day.

A recent switch to using WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform opened the business up to the ability to use MyWorks Sync to sync WooCommerce and QuickBooks. After hearing about the owner’s concern about manual data entry, their web designer suggested MyWorks. They reached out to us and after a great demo call, we were able to help automate their accounting as they signed up, used our documentation and support tickets to assist with their setup!

“MyWorks was great right off the get-go! It was super easy to get in touch with you, and support was great – when you have a business, you don’t have time to worry about these things” – Jacki, CEO of Math Canada.

How much time has MyWorks helped save for Math Canada?

MyWorks has been able to save Math Canada countless hours of having to input all their orders and data between WooCommerce and Quickbooks. When we asked Math Canada how much time they are currently spending inputting data, they replied with only 15 minutes per day now.

“If we were handling that data manually, it would take us days to enter those orders in Quickbooks – it wouldn’t even be possible!” (confirm quote for exact words)

Math Canada decreased their manual entry time from “days” to 15 minutes a day.

Is there anything MyWorks is missing? How can we improve?

During our call, Math Canada expressed that their main issue now is having to fix rounding issues and making deposits as well as having refunds sync over. These would be a few things that they would like MyWorks to do. Much to their happy surprise, we were able to confirm during that call that MyWorks certainly can resolve their rounding issues and handle those batch deposits to match the deposits their payment processor enters in their bank.

After a few minutes on the phone with Jacki, we were able to get those issues resolved for her by just adjusting a few settings in her MyWorks Sync.

What’s your favorite MyWorks Feature?

According to Jacki and her team over at Math Canada, their favorite features of MyWorks would have to be the automatic sync feature that removes the burden of manually inputting orders in QuickBooks! They mentioned that without MyWorks, they would have needed a whole other employee to cover the manual data entry! Math Canada was also pleasantly surprised by MyWorks’ great support. They were hesitant at first about the ticketing system that MyWorks offers.

However, MyWorks had responded back within 15 minutes of their first ticket.

Jacki has dealt with many different WooCommerce integrations, and she explains that MyWorks has offered the best support that she has every encountered- “it’s actually shocking, and MyWorks has made life really easy and came in impeccable timing!”

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