About John Kelly Chocolates

This might be the most “delicious” WooCommerce and QuickBooks Sync Review of them all: John Kelly Chocolates. Located in sunny Los Angeles, John Kelly Chocolates has been selling gourmet chocolates all over the nation since 2004. Owner, Kelly Green, was able to give us a quick insight on their brand as well as review how MyWorks has been able to save them time on their accounting.


About John Kelly Chocolates

John Kelly Chocolates is a family business that has been delighting its customers and spreading joy since 2004. Their secret family recipe features hand-poured gourmet chocolates with a special twist on fudge chocolate. Their products are sold all over the nation to markets such as Whole Foods, wineries, local gourmet spots, and more. Now they are available online too!

While we couldn’t get Kelly to share his secret family recipe with us, we were able to ask him a few questions about his business and how he uses WooCommerce, QuickBooks, and MyWorks together to grow his business!

John Kelly Chocolates uses WooCommerce as their eCommerce platform in order to sell their chocolates direct to consumers all over the USA. The founder shared that sales increased sharply during 2020 after COVID changed the way consumers live and shop. In 2020 alone, they reached their most successful year in business… and most of their sales were processed through their WooCommerce store!

After that excitement of growth in sales comes the realization that with each sale comes a lot more manual work to correctly add all of those customers, orders and payments in QuickBooks. John Kelly Chocolates was using a different integration to sync WooCommerce and QuickBooks, but it never worked quite right for their business. This huge spike in sales pushed the business owners to look for an integration that could truly meet their needs. Their research for better solutions led them to find MyWorks!


How did you handle your accounting before using MyWorks Sync?

Before MyWorks, the company was inputting their orders by hand into QuickBooks. This process included having to input quite a few different fields for each order – between the customer, product, and payment. Needless to say, it was very time-consuming. John Kelly Chocolates also had various different items in their QuickBooks which weren’t matching up very well with their WooCommerce products. These difficulties manually entering each product in an order posed many challenges, and led to concerns that quite a few additional people would be pulled away in their business to enter orders in QuickBooks.

Before MyWorks, QuickBooks accounting was taking them “hours, hours, hours!” It took approximately 1-3 minutes to input each order, and in December alone they had about 1500 orders… it doesn’t take the best math skills to understand how time-consuming that must have been! Time is money, and the amount of time dedicated to manually entering orders was too high.


How much time are you spending on accounting now that you have MyWorks?

According to Kelly Green, “It’s so drastically decreased the time, that it’s hard to say!” They no longer need to have their team members manually input those orders; everything syncs automatically now. Thanks to MyWorks’ advanced mapping settings, they’ve been able to map all products – including those who do not share the exact same name or SKU/item number across WooCommerce and QuickBooks.

Their only manual process at the moment is to have someone print orders out of QuickBooks and walk the papers over to the production team. (We mentioned to Kelly that MyWorks can also help automate the printing action! MyWorks can set all new orders synced to QuickBooks to print – making it easy to run a report in QuickBooks for only orders not printed yet).


How was your experience with MyWorks support? Did you find it easy to use?

The team at John Kelly Chocolates agreed that setting up the sync was straightforward and that support did a fantastic job. “MyWorks support team was very responsive and helpful. You guys were able to implement it before our busy quarter, which really saved us.”