About the Quiet Days Magazine

At MyWorks, we’re lucky to work with WooCommerce store owners from diverse backgrounds and industries. While every store, user, and use case is different, most of our users are in one of two situations when they sign up for MyWorks: they are either already overwhelmed with the amount of manual entry required to keep their QuickBook up to date, or they are planning in advance and setting up automation tools to ensure that they set up scalable workflows.

About the Quiet Days Magazine

Braum and Laura Schofield are part of the second group of diligent planners. As an active duty Marine Corps family, and full-time parents, this husband and wife duo knew that to fit a new business into their already busy schedule. They needed their magazine publishing business and WooCommerce store to function efficiently. Braum used his technical knowledge to seek out automation tools for the business while Laura worked on the creative side of the business.

Braum & Laura’s business, Quiet Days Magazine, is a print magazine that shares real and relatable stories that reinforce their belief that the ordinary is quite extraordinary.

How WooCommerce has assisted the Quiet Days Magazine to create scalable workflows:

From a technical point of view, their store is built on WooCommerce and uses WooCommerce Subscriptions as an addon to enable the sale of magazine subscriptions. Braum and Laura also use QuickBooks Online as their accounting software. In order to account for every sale and subscription renewal, they would need to enter every order and payment in QuickBooks manually. They would also have to manually account for payment errors or cancellations manually on both platforms.

WooCommerce Subscriptions creates subscription renewals at specified intervals – such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. So if a customer signs up for a monthly subscription, each monthly renewal order would normally also need to be entered in QuickBooks manually. For anyone familiar with exponential returns, the income from subscription renewals can easily add up and grow, but so can the manual work required to account for all of these orders. This knowledge is what pushed Braum to seek an integration between WooCommerce and QuickBooks.

Braum found MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce by checking the QuickBooks and WooCommerce app stores. Seeing MyWorks as the leading solution in both helped him make the decision to give it a try. “We initially used the free version of MyWorks, and it worked perfectly!” he said.

Set Up Experience

We asked Braum about his setup experience, and he said it took him about 30 minutes, but there was a bit of trial and error. “I don’t have an accounting background”, he shares, “but Brenda was great!” MyWorks’ support and set up team helped Braum clear up a few of those doubts, and then he was completely set up.

Final Words

An important part of what we do at MyWorks is continuously finding ways to improve… so we asked Braum if he had any feedback for us.

‘“Everything is running smoothly”, he explained, and he said he doesn’t have any suggestions.

Braum explains that what really sold him on MyWorks was the support. He had previously had to work with his payment process to get support, and he said it was horrible. MyWorks was a breath of fresh air. “You really care about your users, and that says a lot about your business”. He noticed that we reached out to check on him and we were always ready to help when he had questions.

Check out Braum & Laura’s work at Quiet Days Magazine . Their print magazine is the perfect reading material to unplug and relax with a cup of coffee while reading real and inspiring stories.