About PressHero's WooCommerce Website

At MyWorks, we’re passionate about helping all businesses. From family-owned stores making a move to eCommerce to multinational enterprises with warehouses worldwide, we’ve designed our software to be scalable and easy to use for organizations of any size. We love partnering with other businesses that help entrepreneurs grow with b2b services, and our software is used globally by brand owners and web developers alike to help companies create seamless eCommerce websites that highlight the customer experience. We sat down to talk to Robert Rooke, the owner of the web development company PressHero, to find out how MyWorks helps him run his business and helps his clients run theirs.

About PressHero’s WooCommerce Website


PressHero“I develop systems for websites,” Rooke tells us. “When the average web developer says it can’t be done, that’s when I step in, and I produce software or code that allows it to happen for them. Things like multi-location inventory control and stuff like that.” Rooke started his web development journey out of a need to combine his two passions. “I like to paint and sculpt, and I am very artistic as well, so I found web development allows me to combine those two passions: problem-solving with artistic development,” he says. Rooke started PressHero in the early 2000s, driven by his passion for eCommerce development. “It just seemed like a really good fit for me,” he says. “From building websites for mom and pop shops to banks. There’s a huge variance in what we offer.”

WooCommerce Point of Sale Solution Used


“I love to help eCommerce grow and develop online,” Rooke says. “I do like to specialize in eCommerce. Especially if a person is starting a business, and they make their first sale. The gratification I see from them, I really thrive on that.” The PressHero system works incredibly well, too. On a recent small business project, Rooke and his team “almost tripled the revenue in 3 months.” As part of his eCommerce setup for clients, Rooke uses MyWorks sync. “Once I found the tool, and it worked so well for myself, any time I am building or working on an eCommerce system, I recommend MyWorks to my clients.” The MyWorks software has become a cornerstone of what makes his stores so easy to use. The PressHero team is currently partnering with Oliver POS, a point of sales system that Rooke also recommends to his clients. “We’ve recently formed a partnership with Oliver POS,” he tells us. “We offer customization for Oliver.” MyWorks is a partner with Oliver POS, too, and is compatible with all of their software and hardware options. “I’m looking forward to syncing MyWorks with Oliver,” Rooke says.

How PressHero Integrates WooCommerce and QuickBooks


As for the integration of MyWorks with the PressHero QuickBooks accounting system, Rooke explains that “MyWorks is so flawless with what we’re doing that I rarely look at it.” Rooke found our software through a quick Google search and has “been using MyWorks now for a few years.” PressHero web development runs on a subscription model, in which clients can submit unlimited support tickets every month, but “ they can only have one open at a time.” This way, Rooke tells us, “people have access to a full development team for a very minimal cost.” In some cases, if more in-depth development assistance is required, clients can upgrade to the Dedicated Development model, in which “they can then purchase segments of time from the development team” to work on a project. This means that PressHero is encountering many varied monthly payments, which need to be added to their accounting software. “WooCommerce does track all of our income, which I don’t do,” Rooke laughs. MyWorks Sync automatically syncs their WooCommerce transactions into QuickBooks. “I very much appreciate MyWorks doing it for me,” says Rooke.


“The MyWorks setup process was very simple,” Rooke explains. “I do recall we had a couple of times when it wasn’t syncing correctly,” he tells us, “but I talked to support, and it turns out I just didn’t have the right package level for what we were doing.” After upgrading packages, “everything was running smoothly.” As for support, Rooke explains that “on the couple occasions I did have questions or didn’t see something syncing, your support response was rapid.” On PressHero’s overall experience with MyWorks, Rooke tells us that “it runs in the background so much that it does everything he expects it to.”

Like MyWorks, PressHero is dedicated to helping businesses grow. They support “everything to do with WordPress” and doesn’t outsource any work. In another similarity to MyWorks, “you are going to connect directly with a person on the PressHero team. You’re going to be talking to real people.” MyWorks and PressHero share a common goal: “We want to support small businesses and help them grow alongside us.” If you want to grow your eCommerce business seamlessly, you can contact PressHero / or schedule a demo call with MyWorks today!