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Sync WooCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop

Unlimited, Automatic, Real-Time, Two-Way Sync with QuickBooks Desktop & POS Pro, Premier & Enterprise

Sync Orders, Inventory, Customers, Products And More!

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Sync WooCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop
Unlimited, Automatic, Real-Time, Two-Way Sync to QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier & Enterprise
Sync Orders, Inventory, Customers, Products and More!


Automatically sync orders from WooCommerce to QuickBooks - as soon as they're placed! Or, push over any historical orders already in WooCommerce!


Automatically sync products to and from WooCommerce and QuickBooks - in real time! With full support for variations & bundles, you'll no longer worry about inconsistencies.


Enjoy automatic 2-way inventory sync between WooCommerce & QuickBooks Desktop!


Automatically sync customers from WooCommerce to QuickBooks - either automatically in real time or manually!

Anything. Anytime. Anywhere


Works with both QuickBooks Desktop & POS – in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India and more! We support Pro, Premier, Enterprise & POS – 2012 and later. Featuring support for global tax & currency, any WooCommerce gateway and more!

Automating your WooCommerce & QuickBooks Desktop / POS accounting & inventory is easy!


Install the plugin in your WordPress admin with just one click


Configure your settings and map your existing data


Push any past data and sync any new data as it is created


Relax knowing that any data any and all your data will sync over automatically

Let's get down to business!
Automate your accounting today!

Simple, Reliable, Efficient

Follow a few simple steps to set our sync up and then sit back and relax as your WooCommerce data syncs with QuickBooks Desktop or POS – automatically!

Behind on your accounting? It’s easy to use our Push feature to push historical data into QuickBooks!

Worried about duplicate data? Our SmartSync feature ensures that no data is EVER duplicated 🙂

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Unlimited Data

Sync as much data as you’d like without every having to worry about upgrading to a higher plan!

Our WooCommerce Sync for QuickBooks Desktop lets you automatically sync all of your data – with no limitations 😀

Two-Way Sync

Easily push & pull data to and from WooCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop – perfect for catching up on your accounting! Watch your inventory automatic sync in both directions, making your fulfillment a breeze!

Hosted in your site!

Your sync will live within your WooCommerce/Wordpress admin, so it’s easy to control and cleanly integrated with WooCommerce!

Your data goes from your site straight straight to QuickBooks Desktop – no third parties means your data is always safe and secure.

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Real-Time Sync

There's no time like the present, and we believe your data should be in your hands within seconds. That's why your customers, orders, inventory and more will sync within minutes between your systems!

Unmatched Security

Your data is yours alone - so unlike other integrations, your data does not pass through us. Enjoy direct and secure syncing between platforms!

Unlimited Transactions

We don't think you should be charged for growing your we never make you wonder if you'll have to pay more for more syncing. Unlimited. All the time.

Easy. Unlimited. Perfect.

Check out our pricing! It’s one flat rate – yearly or monthly.

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      • $199 Activation Fee
      • 14 day guaranteed money back
      • Complete Functionality
      • Unlimited Syncing
      • Included demo/setup session

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  • Yearly License
    • $ 69 per month
      • $199 Activation Fee
      • Complete Functionality
      • Unlimited Syncing
      • Included 24/7 ticket support
      • Complimentary setup call/screenshare

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  • Monthly License
    • $ 79 per month
      • $199 Activation Fee
      • Complete Functionality
      • Unlimited Syncing
      • Included 24/7 ticket support
      • Complimentary setup call/screenshare

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  • Multi Location
    • $ Call us! 972.505.3245
      • Discounted Activation Fee
      • WooCommerce + QuickBooks MultiLocation Support
      • Complete Functionality / Unlimited Syncing
      • Priority Email / Phone Support
      • Custom Development
      • Included 1-hour Setup Screenshare

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Syncing less than 50 orders a month or don't need to sync inventory? Contact us about custom pricing!
All Software Features... ...Included in all plans!
Real-Time Sync (within minutes)
Unlimited Syncing (no sync limits)
Global Tax & Currency Support
Two-Way Sync
Manual Push & Pull Functions
Unlimited Live Chat & Email Support
Included 30-min Setup Screenshare

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support product variations or bundles?

Yes, our sync fully supports product variations & bundles in WooCommerce!

What version/year of QuickBooks Desktop do you support?

Our sync is compatible with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop – in any locale, including US, CA, UK, AU and more!

QuickBooks Desktop: Supports Pro, Premier & Enterprise 2015 or later.

QuickBooks POS: Supports Basic, Pro & MultiStore v12 or later.

I don’t want to sync all of my past data over to QuickBooks, do I have to?

Not at all! Since our sync works in real time, we’ll only automatically sync new orders after our sync is setup. If you want to push over past orders, you can easily do so – either one by one, choose a time period, or select orders from a list – to manually push into QuickBooks Desktop.

What will WooCommerce orders show up as in QuickBooks Desktop?

You can sync orders from WooCommerce to QuickBooks Desktop as two different formats: Invoice + Payment – or Sales Receipt. Easily switch this option back and forth in our settings!

Is there a way to to know what data has been synced?

There is! We add a sync status indicator next to each type of data in your WooCommerce Store, and you’ll be able to see if it’s been synced or not!

Will products created in WooCommerce show up with their SKU and inventory synced to QuickBook Desktop?

Yes, they sure will, and when you create a product in Woocommerce, it will sync to QuickBooks Desktop (you can optionally turn this off).

I don’t want to sync my data in real-time. Can I do it manually?

Absolutely. Our sync has simple settings that allow you to turn real-time sync on or off, as well as turn real-time sync on or off for particular data types.

How difficult is it to map/link all my data?

We give you full control over mapping (linking) your WooCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop data – with automapping built in to assist you. You can change the mappings at any time, and data doesn’t have to match – your product doesn’t need to be named exactly the same in both systems, for example.

In addition, you will only have to map data that exists in both systems. As our software syncs across new data, like products or customers – it will automatically map it!

If I have some orders already entered into QuickBooks will they be duplicated?

Our software will never duplicate a customer/order/product in QuickBooks Desktop. If it exists, it will be updated – otherwise it will be created.

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