Sync WooCommerce
and QuickBooks Desktop


Flexible order sync options

Sync orders to QuickBooks as a sales receipt, invoice, estimate or sales order, or create advanced rules based on customer type or payment gateway used at checkout. It is also possible to sync both a Sales Order and an Invoice.

Advanced Inventory Support

MyWorks Sync supports Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise – sync inventory from only specific sites/bins, and sync orders to specific sites/bins in QuickBooks.

Advanced Customer Sync Rules

MyWorks gives you the option to sync all WooCommerce customers to one QuickBooks customer (or project), or to create advanced rules to sync to a different QuickBooks customer based on the WooCommerce customer role.

Advanced Shipping Method Mapping

MyWorks Sync offers advanced mapping for shipping methods to different Items and ShipVia values in QuickBooks.

Mapping Custom Fields

Easily map custom fields between WooCommerce and QuickBooks Orders with our advanced custom field mapping support! From tracking numbers, delivery dates, PO Numbers, line item metadata and more; the sky is the limit!

Set customer type, rep, terms, and class 

MyWorks Sync supports automatically setting the customer type, rep, terms, and class when syncing customers and orders to QuickBooks Desktop.

Global Tax & Currency Support

The sync supports all currencies, including multiple currency stores, and global taxes rates. MyWorks supports QuickBooks Desktop in countries outside of the US as well. 

Flexible Payment, Refund & Transaction Fee Sync

MyWorks lets you set an account to record payments to, with individual settings for each payment gateway on your site. Also includes robust support for syncing transaction fees (if recorded in the WooCommerce order). Easily sync full or partial refunds made in WooCommerce automatically to QuickBooks as well!

Two-Way Sync

Sync your product data both ways! Update inventory or pricing in QuickBooks and it will automatically sync to WooCommerce.

Setup Screenshare Included

We include 24/7 support ticket access, complete documentation and setup videos to make setup a breeze… but we also offer a complimentary setup screenshare (with our paid plans) to guide you through any questions as well!


Custom Mapping

true 2 way sync

Advanced Settings

24/7 support

Automating your woocommeRce & QuickBooks Desktop accounting & inventory is easy!

Compatible with QuickBooks Desktop – Pro, Premier & Enterprise (including cloud hosted) – 2015 and later. 


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