Webgility vs MyWorks

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Business owners and accountants switch from Webgility to MyWorks because we offer direct connection integrations that let them manage their store from inside WooCommerce or Shopify. Choosing us means you can say goodbye to juggling different platforms and hunting for the source of unexpected issues.

Unmatched on customization options

MyWorks Sync offers more than just reliable connections. We provide a variety of features and customization options to accommodate your workflow in ways that other similar solutions just can’t.

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What to look for in an E-commerce accounting sync

Software companies can promise a wide range of features and benefits so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But ecommerce syncs only need to tick a few boxes.

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Gets the essentials right

Choose an ecommerce sync that connects with leading accounting solutions like QuickBooks and Xero on a deep level. Only robust integrations let you automate every task to help you save time on manual data and reduce costly mistakes.

Empowers you to adapt and scale

Great sync tools accommodate the ever-changing world of ecommerce with low starting costs and flexible pricing plans. As you expand and your operations become more complex, you can add the features you need—and no unnecessary extras!

Never lets you down

Lags and glitches can disrupt orders, damaging customer trust and hampering your ability to grow. Make sure your ecommerce accounting tool offers you seamless and uninterrupted connections.

Get the essentials right

Webgility vs MyWorks at a glance

Features Webgility
Sync shipping & transaction fees
Sync Purchase Orders
Deep native integration within WooCommerce and Shopify
Managed from the backend of your eCommerce store
Compatibility with 25+ popular WooCommerce extensions & Shopify Apps
Custom field mapping
Flexible mapping & advanced syncing settings
Show QuickBooks invoices in storefront customer account
Free plan
Starting price for paid plans
$19 per month
$59 per month
Customer support
Email, phone, and chat
Email, phone, and chat

Why E-commerce stores prefer MyWorks

Why E-commerce stores prefer MyWorks

What our customers are saying about us


Simplify E-commerce accounting with MyWorks

We suit everyone from industry newcomers to veteran business owners due to our fast, reliable and highly customizable integrations. 

MyWorks adapts to your workflow, not the other way around.


Do you have any questions? We have answers!

Who are MyWorks and Webgility for?
MyWorks and Webgility are designed for ecommerce businesses that want to automatically sync orders and payments to their accounting platform. With its higher starting price, Webgility caters to large, already established companies. MyWorks is suitable for companies of any size due to its flexible pricing and responsive support.
What’s the main difference between Webgility and MyWorks?
While Webgility supports a wide range of platforms, MyWorks specializes in deep integrations with the most popular ecommerce ecosystems. With MyWorks, you can manage the accounting sync from within Shopify or WooCommerce, instead of switching between platforms.
Which types of business are Webgility or MyWorks best suited for?
MyWorks is ideal for businesses of all sizes, offering essential features and flexible plans that allow you to scale. Even very small teams can sign-up to our basic free plan with 20 orders per month and progress through our feature-rich premium plans as they grow. With Webgility’s higher price point, it primarily caters to large ecommerce companies.
Is it easy to switch from Webgility to MyWorks?

Switching from Webgility to MyWorks is a relatively straightforward process. You have to submit a cancellation request to Webgility seven days in advance. During that period, the MyWorks team can assist you with data migration and setup so there are no disruptions to your store.