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Using MyWorks Sync and Oliver POS to Streamline eCommerce and In-store Sales

Oliver POS

When you’re running your business in both online and physical retail spaces, you’ve got a lot of data to manage both online and offline. You need to ensure your WooCommerce store runs smoothly, is well designed, and works efficiently. It would be best if you also made sure your retail space is welcoming, warm, and running in such a way that your customers feel heard and attended to. Inventory and bookkeeping also present a challenge. How do you manage what has been sold on your floor and your site? How do you prevent overselling products due to a delay or error in inventory tracking? Thankfully, between MyWorks Sync, WooCommerce, and Oliver Point of Sale (POS), you can streamline how your platforms connect and take the stress out of handling both online and in-person storefront management and accounting. From the physical point of sales to inventory management to automating your sales data entry process across the board, MyWorks’ partnership with Oliver POS makes for a seamless shopping experience for you and your customers.

Oliver POS works by standardizing your inventory system using a WooCommerce store. You can integrate and map all of your physical store products the same way you would when adding new inventory to your online store. Oliver POS is a browser-based integration, so you can use the app on any device, including POS devices you already own – and enjoy the benefits of instant inventory syncing and order management. You can also try the range of hardware offered by Oliver POS to extend your online store into physical spaces. Oliver POS sells a range of POS hardware to suit your businesses’ specific needs and location, including mobile POS devices, all-in-one solutions, self-checkout machines, scanners, and cloud printers.

Oliver POS

The Oliver POS system truly shines in its customizability and its modular nature. By integrating apps into the system, all of the functionality of a WooCommerce store becomes possible in your physical store, too. Because Oliver POS integrates with WooCommerce, MyWorks Sync can be used for both eCommerce orders, and orders through Oliver POS – seamlessly and continuously syncing all of your sales, payments, taxes, transaction fees, customer profiles, and inventory data directly into your QuickBooks accounting software, including precisely the information you’ve chosen to be relevant. Your revenue streams will be represented in your books as an omnichannel integration that will help you more efficiently manage your business.

Can you imagine never having to do a manual stock change? Or sit up for hours every Sunday, slowly tallying up the checks and balances of every week of sales? That’s entirely possible when powering your store with MyWorks Sync and Oliver POS. Oliver POS’s customizability is even more apparent in its variety of integrated payment methods. Using Oliver, you can process payments through credit and debit accounts, store credit, cash, mobile payments, gift cards, split payments, layaway, and custom payment processes. Whether taken in person or online, those payments and transaction fees will sync to QuickBooks.

Oliver POS Payments
Just like WordPress, Oliver POS is open-source software. This means that the possibilities for customization and apps for your system are enormous and steadily growing. You can add applications to your point of sale that fulfill niche-specific functions. You can integrate tools like contact forms, checkout page rewards programs, management apps to add shipment tracking and marketing capabilities, and built-in accounting tools such as MyWorks. The Oliver POS browser app is ideal for encouraging customer loyalty with rewards integration. The Oliver POS hardware’s ability to sync directly with your WooCommerce software allows you to print online orders directly to your kitchen areas without any need for interception and manual data entry. Oliver POS also has a strong focus on inventory analytics, so you can easily track what’s moving where and when, and includes a “customer profile” function that will allow you to learn what specific customers like and keep coming back for. All of these automations will go straight through MyWorks Sync and update your QuickBooks data in real-time. You’ll never be left uninformed about what’s happening across all of your sales platforms.


As a store owner or manager, you’re already juggling so many things. Why let data entry and manual bookkeeping from your storefronts be one of them? You have an incredibly automated and efficient system when you use Oliver POS, MyWorks Sync, WooCommerce, and QuickBooks. You’ll have time to build and grow your business and the mental space to innovate. If you’re interested in integrating Oliver POS and MyWorks into your business model and letting your point of sale grow with you, use the following links to learn more:

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Schedule a demo with Oliver POS


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