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MyWorks announces native Multi Location & Intelligent Order Routing for WooCommerce

WooCommerce order routing

WooCommerce integration leader continues to grow multi-platform solutions



Fort Worth, TX – April 10, 2018:  MyWorks Software, a leading QuickBooks integration provider for WooCommerce, announced the launch today of a new solution built for multi-location businesses – to finally take advantage of using WooCommerce to effectively manage inventory and order routing for multiple locations, natively in WooCommerce!


MyWorks has developed the WooCommerce Multi-Location Inventory + Intelligent Order Routing as a revolutionary tool for WooCommerce store owners who need to display inventory levels, manage inventory locations and fulfill orders – all from multiple and varying locations. Although there are scattered solutions in the WooCommerce market that attempt to solve multi-location, MyWorks has approached this with a full-circle mindset. Knowing that it’s not enough to just manage inventory in WooCommerce – a store owner has to be able to automatically route orders to the correct location, display inventory for only application locations depending on a user’s geography, and more; MyWorks has positioned this as a viable solution to finally bring the WooCommerce platform to multi-location businesses previously unable to utilize it. This is further highlighted with their native WooCommerce API support and compatibility with 3rd party integrations, like Kosmos eSync and MyWorks QuickBooks Sync.


WooCommerce has millions of users around the world and powers over 30% of all online stores. Although many WooCommerce store owners manage multiple locations and warehouses, there has been no efficient tool allowing them to manage inventory and order routing within WooCommerce… until now.

Thanks to MyWorks’ newest software launch, there is now an efficient solution to automate sales and inventory management and automate these admin tasks. Users can now feel confident that their books are under control and will be perfectly ready come tax season. This means that business owners can focus their efforts on growing their business and finding new opportunities, or simply catch up on family and downtime!


About MyWorks Software


“MyWorks Software was founded with the goal of achieving automation in business processes where we have first-hand experience & knowledge of their integration shortcomings.” said Peter L, CEO of MyWorks Software. “We’ve built some amazing solutions that save our clients so much time every day – and we’re excited to bring solutions to thousands of our users in over 100 countries around the world.”


While trying to compete with hundreds of thousands of other stores on the internet, business owners struggle to find the time to focus on admin management and strategy. Thus, business automation is essential to success, especially in the e-commerce landscape. MyWorks Software aims to eliminate the time that businesses spend on administrative tasks by providing advanced and efficient systems that are equally easy to manage. The increased business efficiency brought about by MyWorks Software’s integration and automation products allows businesses to strategize better, move quickly, and succeed in this highly competitive market.


MyWorks Software’s flagship product, the WooCommerce Sync for QuickBooks Online has quickly become a top-rated WooCommerce-QuickBooks integration product. With all 5 star reviews and raving feedback, the WooCommerce Sync for QuickBooks Online is a favorite among WooCommerce store owners. Peter notes that the product is “drawn from our first-hand experience of the pain-points that users like ours encounter during their daily business activities.” By automating all data transfer between two platforms that are otherwise completely independent of each other, the product saves businesses an average of 10 hours per week which would have been spent on manual data transfer. Aside from saving time, the automation platform removes space for inevitable human error.


The release of the MyWorks WooCommerce Multi-Location Inventory + Intelligent Order Routing has been long awaited by both existing and prospective WooCommerce users who manage multiple inventory locations, as this integration will transform the way they do business, forever.


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