About Their WooCommerce eCommerce Store

When you’ve created a product that you believe could genuinely help people, it makes sense that you’d want to share it with the world as fast as you can. Especially in the healthcare and pain relief sector, MyWorks understands just how motivated you are as a business owner to make a difference in people’s lives. Unfortunately, even with the purest of intentions, there’s usually still a fair bit of administrative work that goes into distributing any product on a large scale. At MyWorks, our mission is to take the manual data entry stress out of your accounting processes so that you can devote more of your time to doing the work that matters. We had a conversation with David Nozick and the team at Bullseye Brace, an orthopedic eCommerce store, to find out how MyWorks allows their team to keep relieving people’s pain.


Bullseye Brace


Bullseye Brace is an American company that designs, markets, and sells orthopedic braces and supports. “We specialize in the upper-extremity market right now,” says Jeff, their president who is also their lead product designer, “but who knows where we’ll be next year.” Jeff studied to be an industrial designer, and “David Nozick and he went to school together.” Jeff tells us that when he was in design school at Georgia Tech, he “learned useful stuff, like ‘form follows function,’ which is never more true than in brace design.” The Bullseye Brace philosophy is to create products that are effective, durable, look stylish, and are easy to use. “We’re hoping that nobody else is doing that like we are,” laughs Jeff. The company’s flagship product is the Bullseye Wrist Band. “Somewhere between jobs about 12 years ago, I found out about this pinky-sided wrist pain problem,” says Jeff. “It is called a TFCC injury or a DRUJ instability. It’s very common, it’s on the outer side of your wrist, and it’s very tricky to treat.” Having started working on orthopedic product design in the early ’90s, Jeff decided to fashion a medical device to help those suffering from this injury.


“In 2016, I showed the prototype to a hand therapist friend of mine, and I also showed it to David,” says Jeff. “Both of these guys encouraged me to put this thing into production.” At a hand-therapy conference in Milwaukee in 2017, David, Jeff, and their accountant and business partner Linda launched the Wrist Band and the Bullseye Brace brand. “Since then, we’ve sold about 30,000 Wrist Bands,” Jeff tells us. They have also expanded their product range to include an elbow brace to treat tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. “Our secret sauce is this molded silicone feature,” Jeff points out, showing us the silicon ring in his own Bullseye Wrist Band. “I developed a way to be able to sew that into a soft brace.”


How They Automate Their WooCommerce Accounting

“We’re a new brand,” David tells us, “but we now have brand recognition.” Because of this brand recognition, Bullseye Brace is steadily growing. They sell their products both to other businesses and to end-use consumers. “We have a distributor in California,” says David, “and we sell worldwide.” Most of the company’s direct-to-consumer sales go through their Amazon store. “Well, sell mostly through our website to distributors and clinicians,” says David.


“Direct to people who are working with patients who have these kinds of injuries. Very few people from our website are end-users.” In April 2020. Janet, the company’s web designer, and photographer realized that Bullseye Brace “really needed to redo the website” to keep up with demand. “That’s how we ended up with MyWorks,” David says. “We redesigned everything. New pictures, new logo, new website, new accounting.” Janet was the one who recommended MyWorks. “I definitely recommended that we give it a try.” Linda, who manages Bullseye Brace’s accounting, took a look at MyWorks and decided to use it. “Originally, I was going from the store to Shipstation and then Stripe,” Linda recalls, “then matching everything up, then taking all the customers, and I would upload those into QuickBooks Desktop Manually.” She tells us that “nothing was connected. I didn’t have banking connected, anything. I took over from a bookkeeper who was doing it. I’m very good with excel, so I was able to match it up, but in terms of things being done timely, it wasn’t.” Before MyWorks, Linda was manually entering Bullseye Brace’s sales with their accounting software twice a year. “Now, every day, it reconciles,” she says. “I barely go into the accounting program anymore.” When we asked them to describe their MyWorks automation process, the team offered us one word: “Seamless.” 🥳


orthopedic ecommerce store


Though the Bullseye Brace team encountered a few minor bumps in their setup process, their experience with MyWorks support was excellent. “I put in a ticket with MyWorks,” David tells us. “Within a week, you guys updated your sync mechanism so that you guys were sending some custom information into QuickBooks, and QuickBooks was updating it, and everything worked just fine.” Janet agrees, saying that our support team has “been so great to work with. They’ve been really responsive. We really felt comfortable that they were taking care of something.” MyWorks sync has also been helpful in inventory management. “It’s handy that MyWorks does a two-way sync, because as inventory gets reduced, both QuickBooks and WooCommerce knows about it,” Linda tells us. Another feature of MyWorks that has helped the team at Bullseye Brace automate their accounting is creating invoicing and sales order rules for specific customer roles. “We have a lot of variables. A lot goes into what the customer is getting, what price, and how much they ordered. It’s a pretty complicated setup,” says Janet. MyWorks has automated that setup and saves the Bullseye team time.


“People have pain, and we have a product that we’re hoping could resolve that,” David tells us. “We want to get it in the mail and get it to them as fast as we can.” With MyWorks automation, the Bullseye Brace team can spend their time doing just that.


If you’re in the business of helping others, let MyWorks help you too – automating your accounting so that you can spend more time doing what’s important.