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Introducing… WooCommerce Multi Warehouse & Order Routing

WooCommerce Warehouse

We’re very excited to announce our newest WooCommerce Extension – WooCommerce Multi Location & Intelligent Order Routing!


For quite some time, we’ve noticed the need for an extension that allows WooCommerce store owners with multiple locations to be able to manage their inventory per location – and route their orders to the correct location. For restaurants, distribution centers, fulfillment centers, and many more industries – there’s no way to use WooCommerce and effectively manage multiple locations…until now!


WooCommerce multi-warehouse/location support


This extension fully supports and enables management and order routing for multiple WooCommerce locations. The stock/inventory locations and warehouses may be added to the plugin admin, and inventory levels assigned to each of those locations.



Manage WooCommerce product inventory per location


In addition, the inventory and stock levels can easily be set and managed for each of those warehouse locations. The user may also select to display the stock level per location on the product page front end, notifying the customer of the stock levels per location.

Set product inventory by warehouse – variable products supported.


Flexible & Automatic order routing


The extension allows for automatic order routing to be configured based on various different factors, to completely automate the order routing process. The flexible order routing priorities and intelligent logic ensure that each and every order is sent to the correct location based on the store owner’s preferences.


Route WooCommerce orders by geo-location

Our built in intelligent geo-location feature allows you to automatically show inventory for the correct warehouse, and route orders to the appropriate warehouse location, based on the visitor’s location and order details.


Order routing by priority


In addition, each of the factors used for the routing logic may be assigned by priority, allowing for a completely automated yet intelligent order routing decision.


Manage order location assignment in WooCommerce order admin


Admins can easily change the warehouse assigned to an order – even after an order is placed!

Allow the customer to select a location and/or easily change it in the order backend.


Notify locations of new orders


Optionally send an automatic email to new locations when an order is assigned to them!


Optional location selection in the checkout


You may also allow the customer to select their preferred location during checkout.



Show inventory per location in product pages

Aside from supporting inventory management per location, the extension also allows you to show inventory for each location on the front end of the product pages.


Stock logging


The transparent stock logging allows the user/store owner to easily view a log of stock changes due to sales, refunds etc – each broken down by location.

The transparent stock movement log allows you to easily monitor stock changes.


Restrict customers/admin users to specific locations

While the plugin will automatically notify location or warehouse administrators when an order is assigned to them, it can also restrict admin users to specific locations. This means that when logging in to view orders in WooCommerce, they can only see orders routed to their location.

woocommerce multilocation warehouse assignment

The same goes for customers – you may set default locations at the customer level!

Split orders across multiple locations

The plugin also allows you to split orders across multiple locations.

woocommerce multiwarehouse order spllitting

Does a customer want to order a T-Shirt and a Watch, but the products are each available at different warehouses? No problem! The order can automatically be split across multiple locations, and you can decide how you want to handle shipping!

Allow customers to set a delivery/pickup date

Optionally add a field in checkout for customers to choose a delivery/pickup date! This field is even accessible over API for use in integrating with your other platforms

Set specific location IDs to be used over API calls

Want to import inventory automatically from your inventory management platform? You may set specific location IDs to use them over API calls – making it easier to integrate with your other platforms!


Compatible with 3rd party integrations


Compatible with third party integrations and import/export tools, this extension is truly an all-in-one solution for WooCommerce store owners who manage multiple locations.

We natively support syncing to multiple platforms via Kosmos eSync and our QuickBooks Sync – or via 3rd party integrations using the WooCommerce API

This extension is perfect for fulfillment, distribution, manufacturing, restaurants, franchises and other businesses that run multiple locations, as it allows store owners to easily manage multiple locations and warehouses without even leaving WooCommerce.

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