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How to Improve an Email Marketing Campaign Performance Using Videos

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Video and email go hand in hand, like ketchup and toast. Some people like it, while others are confused by the idea. However, adding a little tartness of tomato ketchup to a good mixture is always fine, but it is completely okay to understand the contradiction.

Ketchup is usually paired with pizza, burger, or fries, but you can always try something different. Similarly, you want to get out of your daily marketing run and spice things up, and therefore you should probably try using videos outside YouTube and other social platforms.

We all know how effective and engaging video is in marketing. According to research, 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. If you are one of those marketers who doesn’t take a risk with video by limiting their content to website landing pages and social platforms, it’s time to combine these two great marketing tools.


What is Video Email Marketing?

An email marketing video is simply inserting a video into your email marketing. Since video is the most popular marketing tool (in fact, 83% of marketers believe it will only grow in importance), including it in your email marketing can attract your subscribers and increase your conversion.

Also, did you know that more than 80% of businesses use video in their marketing efforts?

Using video, you can manipulate an audience’s mind to recognize informational information – sometimes without text. With the help of video, you have the opportunity to make difficult topics more interesting for your audience.

There are various ways on how to improve an email marketing campaign.


Why do we use Video in Email?

Are you aware of the fact that an average office worker receives 121 emails a day? What better way to stand out from the noise than to include some featured videos in these emails? But what is the purpose of email marketing?

It has been found that using video in emails resulted in a 300% increase in email click-through rates compared to emails without video. Even using the word “video” in email subject lines increases conversion rates by 19%.


7 Tips to Improve an Email Marketing Campaign Performance using Videos


1. Use videos for bonus content to engage your subscribers

email marketing campaign

An effective way to improve an email marketing campaign performance is by using videos for bonus content. Consider using email to offer bonuses to subscribers. Email recipients may be interested in more of your content, so you can go the extra mile with a surprise bonus to impress your audience.
Alternatively, you can use email to educate subscribers about the values ​​most important to your company.

2. Establish a video landing page with a strong CTA
As we discussed above, embedding videos for your emails that you receive to be viewed directly on this screen is usually not a best practice due to the restrictions set by many companies. Get it fast because it’s really good! Remember, you want your email subscribers to take action, which means they won’t stay in their inboxes.

Usually the video support in emails is on the iPhone, where the video takes up full screen when playing. So while your viewers are watching, they don’t see the CTA.

3. Make email a personal experience

email videos

Do you have a video review on your site? Use it for yourself and send personalized emails.

For example, let’s say someone is watching a video section on your site but doesn’t complete it, and you notice a pattern when you analyze your site’s data. The solution here is automatically emailing this video as a reminder to the user.

From a business perspective, this means more clicks for you, more traffic, and more views. It can be an effective way to improve an email marketing campaign’s performance

4. Promote your local event with video emails

Does your business host a monthly happy hour for your local customers? Maybe you have a fitness store offering free yoga classes weekly to attract new customers? Why not create a video promotional email campaign if you’re hosting a local event or a large global conference?

Email event promotions are useful because it’s like sending an invitation straight to someone’s inbox. Fits perfectly! And what’s better than engaging your audience with a great video to keep them entertained?

Whether it’s a professional video about what happened last year or a short and sweet video of an inspirational yoga teacher at work, video emails are a powerful tool to push them over the fence that connects your door.

5. Send sales story videos to potential customers
A common mistake that marketers make is that they say too much. Yes, we understand that you, the marketer, are paid to market, thinking that the business you are selling is the best slice of bread. So! Wouldn’t it be better to let your happy customers spread the word about you?

No better way to do this than with video! When your potential customers can see a real person talking about their experience in a real way, trust and sales are much more likely. What better way to send those powerful customer testimonials to your prospects’ inboxes?

6. Send newsletters and videos
email newsletters

If you’re giving your customers news without video, you’re missing out! There are many ways to embed videos in email newsletters to be effective. Small businesses can benefit from embedded video news for customers to catch up on, especially if your audience likes it.

Another way to use video in newsletters is to collect popular videos in your business. If your company does not produce many videos, this is good for you. On the other hand, if someone on your team likes a regular video schedule, try recording weekly video content previews.

7. Add GIFs to your video marketing emails

The thing with videos is that they are short and sweet and almost always win hearts. In our world filled with distractions like Instagram and Snapchat, attention span continues to shrink, so sometimes cutting a video together can be the best move to highlight a particular email.

In this case, use a GIF instead, a short and fun animation that can easily be inserted into an email template, as the film falls into the image category.


Wrapping up

Video email marketing can be easy. And when you think about the benefits this can have for your business; it makes sense to start adding video to your email marketing strategy.

You can improve your top metrics, brand awareness, and customer loyalty by providing valuable videos to your email subscribers.



1. Are videos in emails effective?
Of course! According to a study, it has been found that using video in the email led to a 300% increase in email click-through rates compared to emails without video. Even if you use the word “video” in your email subject lines, it can increase open rates by 19%.

2. Which are the best Email Marketing Platforms?
Well, several email marketing platforms exist today. However, according to us, the top 5 Email Marketing Platforms are:

3. How do I create a video marketing strategy?
Identify and set your goals for video marketing
Decide the platform
Select the type of video you want to market
Formulate the content production strategy
Understand the Post-Production work
Promote the videos
Understand & analyze metrics


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